Oppo Find X5 in the first check: This is the 1,000 euro budget flagship

The Find X5 will go on a customer hunt in Germany on March 21 alongside its little and big brother. With a price of just under 1,000 euros, you are not going into a price war like Motorola with the Edge 30 Pro. Man Oppo wants to be perceived differently. And as a premium brand. At the MWC 2022 we had the opportunity to get a first impression of the new Oppo Find X5.
Oppo Find X5 series: This makes the Lite model better than the Pro version

The technical data of the Oppo Find X5

There is something special about the inner values. Because the processor comes from Qualcomm and goes by the name Snapdragon 888. Oppo is not building on the Americans' latest computer, the Snapdragon 8 Gen.1. But the camera is driven by a specialist. Oppo calls it Mari Silicon. A test has to show how powerful the Mari Silicon processor is. It was developed by Oppo itself, which shows the manufacturer's ambitions to play with the really big ones like Samsung and Apple.

Oppo Find X5 Hands On

The first impression

The display edges are slightly curved to the sides, which gives a noble impression, but also has disadvantages such as reflections. Nevertheless, they ensure a hand-flattering feeling. The corners of the display offer a different radius than the case specifies. That's not very annoying, but it shows that you're not holding a perfect device.

Oppo Find X5 Hands On

Software, Camera, Performance

The software feels snappy, but that's not a real qualification. Because the final software version is still missing here. Still, the Oppo Find X5 shouldn't be lacking in performance. Qualcomm's Snapdragon 888 is generally considered good-natured and high-performance. The same goes for the camera. At first glance, it copes well with bad light, but only a detailed test can show the true value of the sensor combination.
In summary, the Oppo Find X5 made a good first impression. The big but follows at the same time: Most of the positive aspects can also be done similarly well by cheaper, current smartphones. The Oppo Find X5 has to work out the difference to the 700 to 800 euro class in the test.

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