Order your 9-euro ticket now: You can already buy it here

With the 9-euro ticket, you can use local and regional public transport throughout the country at low cost from June 1st. Freiburg is the first transport association to start selling the 9-euro ticket – albeit with a small catch.
If you want to be among the very first with a 9-euro ticket and want to make the most of the three-month period, you can surprisingly grab one now: in the customer centers, at machines, in the sales outlets of Freiburger Verkehrs AG (VAG). Buy the 9-euro ticket now – before May 20, when the Bundestag and Bundesrat want to finally pass the bill.
However, because not everyone will have the opportunity to make a detour to Germany's south-west, the coveted 9-euro ticket can also be purchased in the Freiburg VAG online shop.
Just like at the other points of sale, the VAG ticket is only valid from June 1st. If you order the ticket now, you can use it immediately from the first second of the validity period and avoid waiting times that may occur at sales points at the beginning of the campaign period due to high demand.
But don't worry: The number of 9-euro tickets is not limited, so anyone who wants to gets the opportunity to buy such a ticket.

Where can the 9 euro ticket be bought?

The 9-euro ticket should be available via the DB Navigator app, ticket machines and the customer center.

Where is the 9 euro ticket valid?

The ticket is valid for regional traffic, but not for long-distance traffic of Deutsche Bahn – i.e. not for ICE, IC or EC.

When is the 9 euro ticket valid?

The 9 euro ticket is offered in June, July and August. It is valid until the end of the month in which it was purchased. The monthly ticket is not automatically extended.

What happens to an existing subscription?

According to the VDV, there should be a “loyalty bonus” for subscribers to monthly tickets, for example. Subscribers should not have to worry about anything. The 9-euro monthly ticket is to be offset – via a reduction in direct debit or a refund.
In Freiburg, the 9-euro ticket becomes a 11.50-euro ticket
The VAG makes it possible: buy a 9-euro ticket now.

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But why is the transport association VAG pushing ahead? In a blog post, the people from Freiburg explain that they want "our customers to benefit as much as possible from this unique special offer. That's why we're already taking care of making it as simple as possible – and we already have the 9-euro ticket with us in the sale."
The 9-euro monthly tickets valid for June and July are currently available. Up to five pieces can be ordered via the online shop.
The only catch: the shipping costs are 2.50 euros – so the 9-euro ticket becomes a 11.50-euro ticket. But if you make use of the maximum amount and order five tickets together with friends and family, you can at least reduce the shipping costs a bit. You only pay 50 cents for shipping per person.

What does a ticket from Freiburg bring me?

Because the 9-euro ticket is valid throughout Germany, it ultimately doesn't matter where you bought it. Once purchased, you can use the same ticket to travel regionally in Freiburg, but also in Berlin, Hamburg or Munich. With a few changes and a little effort, you can even travel through the whole country with the ticket.
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