Oscars 2022: From "Dune" to "CODA" – here are the nominated films in the stream

The nominees for the Oscars 2022 have been chosen and with that the competition for the coveted golden boy begins. Many of the films can already be seen in the stream.
The nominees for the Oscars 2022 have already been announced in Los Angeles, so the race for the well-known golden boys begins this year. The first favorites who have a good chance of winning one of the prizes are already emerging.
With 12 nominations alone, "The Power of the Dog" enters the race. The film with Benedict Cumberbatch has the best chance of winning. The science fiction film "Dune" is also very popular. If you have one or two streaming subscriptions, you can count yourself lucky, because some of the titles can already be seen.
The 94th Oscars will only start on March 27th, but if you want to convince yourself of some titles now, you can do so with different providers. The following is a list of selected titles that can already be seen in the stream.

See "Dune" on Sky Ticket

Oscar nominees: Here you can already see the films in the stream
Oscar nominees include: "Dune" and "tick, tick, BOOM!".

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Being the Ricardos

Javier Bardem isn't just good at playing villains, and that's why he's now nominated for Best Actor for his role as Desi Arnaz in "Being the Ricardos." At the side of his wife Lucille Ball (Nicole Kidman), there are political campaigns and taboo breaks, all staged by Oscar winner Aaron Sorkin. The film can already be seen on Amazon Prime.

Tick tick…BOOM!

Jon (Andrew Garfield) actually works in a bar in New York, but his big dream is to break through as a musical author. In addition to his job, he works day and night on his piece and is convinced that he will make the breakthrough. But shortly before the big foreplay, everyone seems to be turning against him and the pressure increases immeasurably. The film premiered on Netflix in November last year.

Woman in the dark

That Olivia Colman not only makes a super queen, she proved in "Woman in the Dark", for which there was now the nomination for best actress. When Leda actually just wants to enjoy a relaxing holiday on the beach, but the past catches up with her. When she sees a young mother and her child, she has doubts about her own past and decides to take a more consequential step. The film can be seen on Netflix.


Time for some Shakespeare on the big screen. Denzel Washington is nominated for an Oscar for his role as a power-hungry Scottish lord. His wife (Frances McDormand) wants her share of power, so she supports her husband's plan to become the next king of England. The whole thing is already available to watch on Apple TV+.

The Power of the Dog

Not only is it the hottest Oscar nominee, it's already available worldwide on Netflix. Rancher Phil Burbank (Cumberbatch) isn't particularly nice to those around him, and his brother's wife and son bully him as well, but the tide turns when he, too, feels love.


Since its release, the film has been a guarantee for an award with its monumental images that are made for the screen. "Dune" is streamed on Sky Ticket and Sky Go. War breaks out on the desert planet of Arrakis. The nobles Paul Atreides (Timothée Chalamet) and his mother Lady Jessica (Rebecca Ferguson) flee into the desert and take on the fight for the future of their family.

Don't look up

Just imagine if a meteorite would fall on earth and wipe out all life, but nobody cares because everyone is just busy with themselves. That's exactly the stuff of the star-studded Don't Look Up. If you want to convince yourself, you can simply stop by Netflix.


The children of deaf parents are referred to as CODA, such as Ruby (Emilia Jones), who is the only member of her family who can hear. She feels torn between her love of music and the responsibility for her family, which she cannot abandon. Nominated in the "Best Film" category, "CODA" is already available via Apple TV+.

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