Over a week: Certain types of bread stay fresh the longest by far

If bread is stored incorrectly, it can dry out quickly or even mold. But there are types of bread that keep for a particularly long time. In this article, you will find out what these are and which methods make bread last longer.
Crunchy things like rolls and pretzels keep their bite in the paper bag – but usually only for a day. A bread box (view here on Amazon) protects them from mold, but they quickly become soft in it. So the best thing is: buy rolls & co. as needed and freeze the leftovers before they harden. After defrosting, the toaster can make them crisp again.

Rules of thumb for durability

Wholemeal bread stays fresh longer than other types of bread.
Darker bread lasts longer than white bread. The latter can only be stored for one to three days, even if it is well packed. Rye, on the other hand, can be eaten for longer than wheat: mixed wheat products stay fresh for three to five days, mixed rye baked goods even five to seven days.
The winner is whole grain bread: it stays good for up to nine days. When shopping, you should note that the healthy variant is not recognized by its color, but only by its name. Because only what is called wholemeal bread has to contain 90 percent wholemeal flour. A dark color, on the other hand, can also be caused by caramel syrup or malt.
Clay pot and vinegar water against drying out and mold
To store your baked goods, it's worth getting a stoneware or earthenware pot (check it out on Amazon here): these containers absorb excess moisture and return it to the bread when it's about to dry out. This also reduces the risk of mold growth. The effect of bread boxes that are not airtight is similar.
To ensure that mold doesn't stand a chance, the storage box should be cleaned regularly with vinegar water. The bread is best placed on its cut surface so that it does not dry out in the air. The refrigerator is only a good storage place in summer when the room temperatures are high. In general, however, it is not suitable for storing bread, because it quickly becomes stale there.

Gut feeling suggests best before date

Baked goods that look, smell and taste good are usually also edible. This also applies to packaged goods that have already passed the best-before date. If the bread is already a little hard, toasting it in the toaster makes it delicious again. If it is already too stale for that, it has just the right consistency for many recipes. However, if bread gets moldy, it belongs in the trash can. After all, if spores have spread in it, they can harm health.

Many recipes for stale bread

Old baked goods are real all-rounders: they are grated into breadcrumbs, and you can use them to conjure up bread soup, hearty dumplings or bread salad. Soaked in milk and egg, they are also ideal for sweet casseroles. Crumbled, caramelized with chopped nuts and sugar in the oven on parchment paper, they turn into a topping for ice cream and pudding.
A tip for hobby cooks: dark bread adds flavor to hearty dishes such as casseroles and soups, while the mild taste of light pastries goes well with delicate flavors and sweets.

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