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Since I introduced you to pCloud a few years ago, the service has evolved a lot. As a reminder, pCloud is an online storage solution that I have been using for years and that I really like for several reasons.

PCloud features

First of all in terms of functionality, I find pCloud much better equipped than its competitors Dropbox or Google Drive. Indeed, this service allows above all to store files in the cloud. You can create folders to store all that, do searches, filter files by format and if you want to delete a file, it will go to a trash can and be recoverable within 15 days. Good security for distracted people like me.
The size of the files you can send to pCloud is … unlimited. You can put anything you want in it without any upload or download limit. Obviously, everything is accessible via the web interface, but also via dedicated pCloud Drive applications for Windows, macOS, Linux and of course Android and iOS.
These applications also allow you to synchronize directories like with Dropbox. So your files stored on pCloud remain accessible offline on your computer and everything is synchronized between all your devices. Syncing is done over the internet, but can also be done directly over your local network between your devices.
Each file you send to pCloud also benefits from different levels of versioning. If you edit a document by mistake, you can roll back up to 15 days of edits with the free version of pCloud. And from 30 days to 1 year depending on the paid options you choose.
If you work collaboratively with other people, be aware that anything you upload to pCloud may be shared with others. Files, directories, generation of direct links…etc. pCloud is cut out for work and collaboration. No more hassle with compressing files to fit in an email. A right click is enough to copy-paste a link that will point to the data present on pCloud.
pCloud has made great efforts regarding the user interface. The service and its tools like pCloud Drive are simple to understand and use.

The sovereignty of pCloud

pCloud being a European service, it obviously respects GDPR privacy laws. And since the company is based in Switzerland, the law of that country applies. Your data is safe in ultra-secure data centers that meet the standards and certifications necessary for the storage of personal data. And depending on the region you choose, your data will be stored in the US in Dallas (Texas) or Luxembourg (Europe).
If you're not comfortable with your data going into the hands of GAFAMs or being stored on US soil (hello NSA), you'll love pCloud.

PCloud security

Regarding security, beyond the quality and security of data centers, pCloud guarantees the confidentiality of data using TLS / SSL encryption. The data is also redundant on at least 3 different servers and a Crypto option allows you to create an end-to-end secure directory in which you can put everything that is of value to you. The files will be encrypted locally from your computer before being uploaded to the pCloud servers and a password that only you know will be required to access them.
They even organize a challenge to crack their crypto for a $100,000 reward. So far, no one has succeeded.

The price of pCloud

Regarding pCloud prices, you can test the service for free. Thus, without paying anything, you are entitled to 10 GB of storage (Dropbox is only 2 GB…lol). Then, depending on your storage needs, you can pay for a monthly, yearly, or unlimited lifetime subscription. You can choose a 500 GB storage or 2 TB plan.
And if you go through this link, you can also take advantage of 3 months free with 500 GB of storage offered.
A year for 500 GB, you will get by for 49.99 €. And €99.99 for 2TB. What I really recommend is to take a look at the "lifetime" plans. Me that's what I have. I paid $350 for 2TB lifetime storage and 2TB shareable links. Also consider adding €125 for the lifetime end-to-end encryption option.
They also have business and family offers that might be right for you.


So much for the presentation of the service. I'm glad to see that pCloud has evolved in the right direction. It was already very serious at the time, but now with the new features and the seniority, we can say that we are on a quality service worthy of competing with the largest personal cloud services. And the lifetime offers, I don't understand why they still offer them, but it's extremely rare and in general, we do not regret.
If you want to know more about pCloud and take advantage of the offer of 3 months free with 500 GB, click here.

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