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The Swiss cloud company pCloud currently offers the family plan with 2 TB of online storage and up to five members for 500 euros – as always, you pay a one-off price and keep the storage forever.
Anyone who looks around in the cloud business will notice one thing very quickly: the business models are subscriptions that are paid monthly or annually. However, with pCloud you only pay a one-time price and keep the online storage forever. You can currently get the Family Lifetime plan, which provides a total of 2 TB of storage for five users, for a one-time fee of 500 euros. So each user only pays 100 euros for an effective 400 GB of storage.

Why pCloud?

The one-time payment alone does not make a cloud a serious competitor to the long-established tech giants. However, the Swiss company even has a number of functions that you certainly do not know yet:
Always and everywhere with you: You can make most of the settings and administrative tasks via the browser interface, which is optimized for computers and mobile devices. Browser extensions provide you with additional support. In order to handle files ideally, there are also apps for all common operating systems. Thanks to direct integration into the operating system, the stored data does not take up any local storage space.Functionality: You can upload and download all file formats and sizes with no speed limit. Intelligent searches or file sharing with traffic measurement are just two of the other great functions that make everyday cloud use more effective and efficient. Extensive data recovery: A cloud recycle bin is now probably part of the standard scope and is not worth mentioning. However, pCloud goes one step further and offers full revisions of past data sets. Backups with pCloud: Anyone who still saves their computer backups on external hard drives will be particularly happy with pCloud. With just a few clicks, a data backup of the PC hard drive can be set up, and you can also backup to pCloud from other cloud services such as Dropbox.

Swiss data protection as a premise

Europe's most secure cloud storage

The company slogan "Europe's most secure cloud storage" was not chosen for nothing. In fact, pCloud discloses in great detail that privacy and security aren't just empty marketing promises:
Maximum server security: Before the data centers in Texas and Luxembourg were put into operation, an intensive risk assessment was carried out. The data centers are ISO-certified and, thanks to ongoing controls, meet above-average standards. Over 99.9% data availability: Your data is mirrored multiple times and backed up at different locations. In addition, alarm systems and 24/7 surveillance counteract physical damage. Both increase availability and virtually rule out data loss. Data protection from Switzerland: The company pCloud adheres to Swiss legislation, which is particularly strict when it comes to data protection. In addition to complying with these requirements, pCloud is of course GDPR-compliant. Additional password encryption: For extremely sensitive data, the "pCloud Encryption" function allows the user to provide a separate folder with a password. Only the user himself can then open the folder, which corresponds to the zero-knowledge principle.
Pay only once: Lifetime family cloud with 2 TB of storage for 500 euros
License purchase and data protection are certainly two very impressive criteria for storing your data with pCloud. Families and friends in particular benefit from the affordable family plan, with which five users can share memory and costs:
pCloud Family Lifetime 2 TB: 500 instead of 1400 euros
If you split the price among your four remaining cloud members, each person only pays 100 euros once for an effective 400 GB of storage space. This is again significantly cheaper than the individual licenses from pCloud, and you can also distribute the memory among the five users as you wish.

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