Porsche e-bike: This is how the noble bike with reversing camera drives

Porsche Digital, Storck, Fazua and Greyp – The list of partners behind Cyklaer is impressive. The four companies share the tasks involved in developing a modern e-bike. The basic data of the Cyklaer bikes are the same for both models, a gravel e-bike and an urban bike with a flat bar.

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Basic configuration of Cyklaer bikes

The basis is a full carbon frame with a clear kink in the top tube and rear dropouts with thru axles. Cyklaer relies on SRAM Force AXS components for the brakes and gears. The cassette has twelve sprockets with a configuration from 10 to 36. The racers run on DT Swiss wheels with Schwalbe's G-One Allroad. All in all, the weight of the lightest version starts at 14.5 kilograms. Including the streetwear kits, the models weigh 15.3 kilograms.
If your own performance is not enough, the Fazua drive intervenes. The Fazua Ride 50 Trail with 250 watts and pedal assistance up to 25 km/h is installed. The entire drive can be completely removed from the Cyklaer bikes. A click on the down tube and you're already riding a few kilos lighter. What makes it so special is that the motor is also removed, leaving only the gearbox in the bottom bracket. Cyklaer specifies the battery capacity as 252 Wh. That should be enough for a range of 120 km.

Porsche Bike: Cyklaer

SP Connect with weaknesses

Porsche Bike: Cyklaer

This is how the gravel e-bike rides

But whether with or without connection: The Porsche e-bike also has to undergo a close inspection on the road. The handlebars of the Gravel version are shaped with little flare in the underhand grip, which makes it look more towards the racing bike corner than onto the gravel track. It is kept quite flat in the upper grip, which makes it less grippy but all the more streamlined. In the underhand grip it looks quite thin, but that hardly bothers you.
The Cyklaer Gravel e-bike is not quite as dynamic as expected. Despite the highest level of support, it doesn't start sprinting as if pulled on a rubber band. Once you have overcome the first "liveliness", it convinces with a lot of draft. The brakes are also more comfortable than sporty and so you don't miss the newly introduced ABS from Shimano and Bosch. Shifting is precise and in a range that is completely sufficient for an e-bike. However, we would have preferred a slightly larger gear portfolio for the option of removing the motor.
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Cyklaer urban e-bike

The brother model not only offers the same frame, but also the same driving characteristics. However, the changed cockpit results in a few handling changes. The very wide handlebar gives you a lot of control and lets you sit a little calmer on the Cyklaer. Unfortunately, the grips are quite uncomfortable, and you don't feel too much pressure on your wrists. This is also due to the fact that you sit more in the bike than with the Gravel version.

Porsche Bike: Cyklaer

Price and summary of the Cyklaer e-bikes from Porsche
Cyklaer offers three models of the Porsche bike. You can buy the e-gravel for almost 7,000 euros. It costs 300 euros more with the streetwear kit. The E-Urban always has the streetwear kit and therefore also costs 7,299 euros. There are always three colors to choose from: orange, petrol and grey. The steep price already shows the ambition on the market. Cyklaer doesn't want to go into the mass market, but rather come across as elitist. This is not only reflected in the price, but also in the integration of the smartphones.

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