Protection from sun & rain: Chic pavilions for every budget

Pavilions not only beautify the garden, they are also practical: they protect against sun, rain and some even withstand hail. We show the best models for every budget.
The chic erecting tents are very practical: They offer protection from the sun and rain, and some of the frames can simply be left outside in winter. Many of them can also be conveniently stowed away so that you can use them flexibly; for example on holiday at the campsite or for the next garden party. In this article, we take a closer look at three recommended products that we see as particularly recommended in their price ranges as part of an editorial comparison based on price, technical data and user opinions. You can read the detailed comparison from our colleagues at FOCUS Online.

Comparison of top models

The winner of the comparison, the ABC Canopy pop-up pavilion measures 3 x 3 meters and scores not only with its stability but also with its simple construction. The roof and side walls are made of polyester fabric, the frame is made of steel. Overall, the workmanship is neat and valuable. However, the instructions are missing, which makes packing up after use relatively complicated. With a price of around 240 euros (to Amazon), the pavilion is relatively cheap.
The price tip from Kronenburg is a bit cheaper here. The folding pavilion also measures 3 x 3 meters and only costs around 160 euros (to Amazon). Here, too, the frame is made of steel and the fabric for the roof and side walls is made of polyester. The folding pavilion can be used flexibly just like the comparison winner and is easy to set up. Contrary to what is advertised, however, the pavilion is not waterproof, since water penetrates the seams, which are only taped instead of welded, when it rains continuously.
This is different with the luxury alternative, the Toolport garden pavilion Alu Deluxe. As the name suggests, the linkage here is made of aluminum. The roof is made of polycarbonate, the side panels with a double rail system and zipper are made of polyester with a PA coating. In other words: this pavilion is really waterproof, can be closed completely and even withstands hailstorms. However, since the construction is lengthy and complex, the pavilion is more suitable for a year-round place. You can also attach the pergola to a foundation using the concrete anchors supplied. But the chic pavilion also has its price: from around 1,075 euros (to Amazon) you can get the version with 3 x 3 meters.
This article was first published by the colleagues at FOCUS Online
Comparison instead of test: What's the difference?
For this comparison, a CHIP specialist editor examined test reports from other publications as well as the most popular offers ("best sellers") and customer opinions from online retailers. Based on this we made the product selection. When selecting the top devices, we focus on models with more than four stars and a reasonably high number of reviews. We have read a selection of customer reviews and selected devices that, based on our professional assessment, meet the needs of the users. The products have not been tested in the CHIP test center.
All products that the CHIP test center had in the laboratory can be found in this list of the best. Products that have also been tested by our cooperation partners can be found in our test & purchase advice and in our consumer portal.

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