Qualcomm anticipates the future with the Snapdragon X70, the 5G chip that will reign next year

Qualcomm has presented at the Mobile World Congress 2022 what will be the high-end 5G chip next year. The new integrated modem for smartphones from the company that wants to be the next benchmark in the industry in terms of connectivity and efficiency, this time accompanied by Artificial Intelligence.
The Snapdragon X70 5G, as Qualcomm's new chip is called, uses artificial intelligence to improve the efficiency (and speed of 5G networks), promising low latency and improvements in energy efficiency. Although it comes with the company's surname Snapdragon, this new X70 should not be confused with the processors that many mobile manufacturers mount.
The X70 is an RF-modem, that is, the chip that governs many of the wireless connections of many devices. On paper, this new 5G chip promises a huge technological leap for manufacturers who want to implement it in their devices. And given the specifications, it is quite likely that it will become, in conjunction with the rest of Qualcomm's processors, the standard for the next batch of high-end terminals that arrive next year.

Artificial intelligence to improve your coverage

In this regard, the X70 5G is capable of modulating bandwidth through AI to achieve 10 Gigabit speeds over the 5G network, high download capabilities and low latency, making the chip very interesting for implementation. in industries that go beyond telephony, such as connected vehicles.
As confirmed by Qualcomm, the Snapdragon X70 is the first of its generation to include the company's 5GAI Suite technology, designed for AI-driven optimizations for sub-6GHz spectrum and mmWave5Glinks, to improve speeds, coverage, latency, mobility, connection strength, and power efficiency.
It is this aspect, that of the inclusion of AI at the chip level, one of the most interesting aspects of the X70 5G, allowing, according to Qualcomm, a leap in adaptive antenna tuning technology of up to 30%.

Snapdragon X70 5G, compatible with all 5G bands

Another of the great novelties of the Qualcomm X70 5G is its compatibility with all commercial 5G bands, from 600 MHz to 41 GHz, which offers flexibility to manufacturers to design devices that are capable of connecting to any network, regardless of the regional situation, opening the door to global devices with a single chip, and therefore, to cost reduction
It also supports mmWave technology, to enable mobile network operators and service providers to deploy services such as fixed wireless access and enterprise 5G, without the need to enter the sub-6GHz spectrum.
It also supports global multi-SIM 5G, which gives manufacturers the option to include Dual-SIM Dual-Active (DSDA) in terminals. In addition, according to Qualcomm, its architecture is software upgradeable, which opens up a wide range of opportunities for the future.
The Snapdragon X70 will start to be available in the second half of 2022 and is expected to be included in commercial mobile devices launching in late 2022.

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