Real-Time Product Classification REST API

You will also avoid errors in your store, having to deal with specific products. Your customers will have an easier time when looking for a product.
You can do all this using a product classification REST API.

What Is A Product Classification REST API?

A real-time product classification REST API is an application that uses a machine learning algorithm to classify products into different categories. These categories can be generic or specific to your store.
This way, you will be able to organize the items in your store according to the category they are part of. You can also use this tool to cluster different products together and find similar items among them.
The first use case is great if you have a wide variety of products that do not clearly belong to one specific category. This is because your items will be organized in different clusters, rather than having them jumbled up in your online shop.
Besides, the second use case is perfect if you are starting out and do not know which categories you should organize your products into. By collecting information about your items and their characteristics, the REST API will be able to suggest topics and tags for you to use. This way, you can get started without having to figure out which classes to add yourself from the beginning.
That’s basically it when it comes down to what a REST API does for you. It basically takes your products and classifies them for you so that you can take advantage of all the benefits this brings with it. 
How does a Real-Time Product Classification REST API work?
A machine learning technique called predictive modeling is used by these APIs. This type of algorithm functions by analyzing a set of data and then making predictions about future observations based on these observations and their relations with each other. The predictions are based on the relationships between the elements of the model, as well as their past occurrences or events that happened around them. 
The main idea is that machine learning classifiers use historical data as well as buyer behavior patterns to predict which product categories your goods could fall under based on similar patterns. This means that your items will be classified based on what similar ones are already categorized as, which gives you a good starting point. 
Another great feature these APIs offer is that they work with real-time data input, so once you have started using them, they will automatically classify any new product that comes along. What’s more, this data input can be done manually, by uploading a CSV
Be able to determine a category for any of your products. Have a better product organization based on these product categories.

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