Real-Time Which Azure Service Is Best For Detecting Popular Brand Logos? REST API

This technology can be used in marketing and advertising to obtain valuable information about the popularity and size of a company. It can also be used in different ways such as analyzing the popularity of a brand, determining the correct position of a logo, getting information about the companies that are related to a brand and much more.

How does this technology work?

This type of tool works with artificial intelligence that is integrated with a database that includes images of logos and companies. An image is uploaded to the API and its unique tag is returned. The brand recognition API simplifies the image processing task by distinguishing between different brands. You will receive data by entering a unique brand tag. In addition, it provides additional information such as product type, domain name, industry, and a confidence score. 
This RESTful application programming interface (API) for logo recognition – which employs AI – supports JSON and JSON-LD formats. This means that it is easy to integrate into various business systems, especially those that are designed in recent years. The API also provides you with all the necessary metadata in the form of tags so that you can incorporate them into your database or other systems to give an added value to your product or service. 
With the ability to recognize tens of popular brands from different industries, you will be able to detect and recognize the logos in images and retrieve its position and brand name.

You can check Brand Logo Recognition API for free here.

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