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We all want to be part of the Google search results, being in the first places will gain you more views and a constant traffic, which will eventually lead to an increase in your channel views.
But how do you get there? And how do you become one of YouTube’s top channels?
The answer to this question is not as simple as one may think, it takes a lot of work but first off we need to explain how the algorithm works, let’s start with that.

The Algorithm That Powers Google Search Results

Google’s search algorithm is constantly updated, it is an algorithm that analyses user’s behaviour and tries to provide them with the best search results. 
This means that if you perform better on Google, then users will click on you first and stay on your page longer, also means that more people will know about your business/product/channel and so on. But how does one get to that state? How does one gain a spot in the top of Google? Well there are two main aspects that follow for getting to the top: Keyword research and optimization.
You have just entered into the world of APIs, you are probably wondering what they are and why should I use them? Well, let me give you a brief definition of what applications programming interfaces are: they are simply tools that let you gain access to other services or information.
The YouTube Keywords API is one of these tools that helps you gain access to YouTube data: hence googles search engine results. This YouTube API offers you the power to improve your SEO results with only one tool.

How Does The RealTime Is YouTube API Key Free REST?

The RealTime is a powerful YouTube keyword generator API which can provide you with almost real-time results thanks to its scraping capacity. This keyword generator comes up with only the best possible keywords for
Get the best tags for your Youtube videos based on SEO performance.

You can check Youtube Tag Generator API for free here.

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