Review: Final Fantasy VI Remake Is it the masterpiece we loved?

The new version of Final Fantasy VI is already available, but is this remake worth it? What aspects improved?
After a successful launch, Final Fantasy VI or FFVI is now available for PC and mobile devices in multiple languages.
This game allowed players to remember times of yore with this title, which adds some important elements to its remake, mainly music.

Final Fantasy VI Why a remake?

This FFVI is one of the most loved games by the community, the same one that was the watershed in the JRPG games that were released in the 90s.
It is a fact that Final Fantasy VI does not have a single port, as it has even been released for the Game Boy Advance, PlayStation, even for mobile phones in 2014.
Now, thanks to Square Enix, we have a revitalized game, which is part of the Pixel Remaster family, the one with better graphics and unbeatable audio.

What is FFVI about?

The world is affected by a war of a group called Magi, who almost completely eliminated the existence of magic.
Our protagonist is one of the few magicians who can use it without any artifact, which was controlled and subjected to harm people.
Now, our mission is to stop the Magi forces and help the one we call "Pamisela" to recover his memory, learning new magic.
Although it is not the only one, because we must venture into the history of the 14 main characters, something that made it longer and more complete in the Final Fantasy saga.
Visual improvements, is the change really noticeable?
Many media complain about this, adding that FFVI Remaster does not follow in the footsteps of the first, in addition to the fact that it does not run natively in 2D.
In other words, each graphic and texture are not always consistent with what is seen in the environment, generating some problems to move.
On the other hand, although it has only happened to us once, there are records of this, in which the animations are out of place and each graph does not respect the logic.
This can be seen particularly, when you launch a magic attack, these can look strange and even lose meaning at times in FFVI

Randomly occurring bugs

One of the problems we face in this game is the errors or bugs that ruin the game for us and force you to save every time.
This happened to us at the beginning, with one of the main fights, that, when defeating the enemy, we ended up immobile, and with infinite action.
Not being able to do anything, we had to restart the game and this only left us at the entrance of the cave, which took us a long time to get there again.

What is good about the game?

Despite the errors it may have, it is a title that mainly improved the musical section, which is impressive and motivates you to continue.
The work done by Nobuo Uematsu is impressive, with a combination of midi and heavy rock, it makes the game an enhanced experience.
On the other hand, the graphics of Final Fantasy VI also have a certain improvement that allows you to appreciate everything again now on a PC.
The movement of these, the fights, the enemies and even the characters have a visual improvement and the game mechanics, which are worth trying.


If you're a die-hard fan of Final Fantasy VI, you probably won't like the improvements they've made, so you might as well buy the port title.
On the other hand, if you are one of those who loves the saga no matter what, FFVI will be a great visual and sound experience that you will love and will take you back to that time as a child.
Finally, we recommend you save your game at all times, because you can lose an advance if you are not careful or it is bugged.

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