Rising prices: It's cheaper online than in stores

Whether it's books, electronics, clothing, furniture or everyday necessities: Today, shopping is almost exclusively done online. Even medication and groceries can be conveniently ordered with a mouse click (or finger tip). The range is almost unbeatable and in most cases delivery is even free of charge to the front door. With varied discount campaigns, the mail order companies are attracting more and more customers and are engaged in veritable price battles with each other.
But not every offer is really a bargain. Shopping experts from MyDealz came to a surprising conclusion after comparing a total of 500 offers from stationary dealers or shops with the best online prices for exactly the same product.
Contrary to all expectations, only around 40 percent of the goods were cheaper online. Pet and baby items, for example, sometimes cost 14.5 percent less in stores than on the Internet. However, there are also some products that tend to be sold at lower prices online. We'll show you what they are and how you can use a few tricks to save even more when shopping online.
Smartphones & Tablets: Inexpensive technology from the web
When it comes to technology, you hear the saying again and again: "It's definitely cheaper on the Internet!" However, this does not always correspond to reality. The study and analysis from 2018 mentioned at the beginning showed that only a few specific device categories are actually offered cheaper on the Internet. You can only make significant savings when buying smartphones and tablets online. Although the evaluation was made some time ago, in most cases it is still valid.
The saving compared to shops is almost 7.6 percent. This is followed by household appliances with 2.7 percent and finally PC hardware and notebooks with 1.6 percent. With prices above the 1,000 euro mark, double-digit discounts can sometimes still be obtained online. In addition, you do not have to worry about the transport. Shipping is often free.

The best smartphones in the test

Tips for cheap TV & sound systems

In the "HiFi" and "TV" categories, some stores are 2.2 percent cheaper. Nevertheless, you should also keep your eyes open for bargains online. The small price advantage resulted from some devices such as headphones or soundbars, for which the testers had to spend significantly less money in the store than online. Other models, on the other hand, were much cheaper on the Internet. Especially with electronic devices, it is worthwhile to always compare the shop and internet prices.
If you see an interesting product in the store that is offered cheaper online, talk to the seller. In many cases, stores such as Media Markt and Saturn have adjusted the shop price to the current online offer at the request of the buyer.

The best televisions in the test

Instead of expensive streaming subscriptions: This is how film and series fans save online
Instead of many subscriptions: This is how film and series fans can save online.


The real boom in streaming services also has its pitfalls: you need a stable internet connection and the title you want is often not available (or only available for a surcharge). In addition, what is on offer is constantly changing: the repertoire is being expanded to include new films and series, while others are temporarily or permanently disappearing from the scene if you have not bought them.

The downside of streaming services

If you don't have a subscription, you'll be left behind anyway. Because the in-house productions of the streaming services rarely make it onto a physical medium, let alone onto the cinema screen. Disney+'s Cruella is just one of many films to have gone viral on social media. Given the cast, it's hardly surprising given the producers brought in Hollywood stars like Emma Stone – an actress usually seen on the big screen. Unfortunately, without a subscription or a friend who shares access with several people, you are denied such strips.
It's worth using the tried and tested technology, especially since you can save up to 22 percent when buying DVDs and Blu-rays on the Internet compared to the stationary retail price.

PlayStation, Nintendo Switch & Games

One or the other ambitious gamer will certainly be pleased that games on the Internet are on average 14.4 percent cheaper than in stores.

Nike, Reebok & Co.: cheap shoes

Shoes should be beautiful and above all comfortable. The search for the right pair can sometimes take a long time: you slip from one model to the next and test the shoe extensively in the store. And shoe size is not always as clear as you might think: depending on the brand, the shoe can be one size larger or smaller. That's why trying them on is actually essential when looking for the perfect pair of shoes – a freedom that, for better or for worse, you have to forego when shopping online.
To the detriment of health – because: A shoe that does not fit properly can impair the body's balance, put an unfavorable strain on the joints, tendons and muscles and even cause varicose veins. A study found that almost 80 percent of Germans buy their shoes with the wrong fit. According to this, women usually wear smaller shoes and men larger shoes than necessary.
Anyone who buys shoes or other clothing on the Internet must inevitably rely on the information provided by the manufacturer and, in the worst case, send the goods back – which is not a problem thanks to free returns from the large mail order companies such as Amazon, but harms your ecological footprint. Even if you don't try them on until after you've bought them, you should definitely take the time to find the perfect fit for you. After all, comfortable shoes are essential, especially on long days, whereby a perfect fit and a chic design do not have to be mutually exclusive.
Among the positive aspects of buying shoes online is the lower price. You can often get footwear twelve percent cheaper online than in the nearest store. If you just want to replace your favorite shoe that has expired, you have a good chance of dusting off the model you want at a bargain price on the Internet. You can find a large selection of shoes for women, men and children at Amazon Fashion.

The best running shoes for men in the test

The best running shoes for women in the test

Toothbrushes & toiletries

The last category that can save you money with a mouse click are health items such as pads, medicines or toothbrushes. The price advantage compared to stationary retail is ten percent and buying online has even more advantages. Hygiene articles are often offered that have not yet made it into the shops. While more and more shops are offering eco-friendly products, the internet is always a few steps ahead.

Hygiene articles in the Amazon offer

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