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Safety innovations: Salesforce introduced Safety Cloud

Salesforce introduced Safety Cloud with the intention of helping people meet safely. Building on Salesforce’s own experience with events and workplaces, and building on existing health and safety innovations announced in December, the company said Safety Cloud helps companies and communities better manage testing, health and safety protocols. and input to create safer in-person experiences at events and in the workplace.

“Companies around the world are looking for the best ways for their employees, customers and partners to come together, securely,” said Bret Taylor, Co-CEO of Salesforce. “Testing is the way forward, and Safety Cloud enables organizations of all kinds to take the complexity out of events, and bring people back together with confidence.”

The executive noted that Safety Cloud enables organizations to safely operate in a new normal. “In fact, Salesforce has already used multiple Safety Cloud features to reopen 84 of its offices around the world and host two large-scale company events, helping employees, customers and partners feel safer. Only for Dreamforce SF and NYC 2021, Salesforce facilitated more than 21,500 COVID-19 tests and verified more than 8,000 vaccine credentials, helping more than 4,500 attendees gather safely.”
He further stated that the Safety Cloud supports integrations with home, pharmacy and health facility testing options such as CVS Health, eMed, Cue Health, ixlayer and Senneca DX. “These compatible testing options can connect directly to Safety Cloud, making the testing experience easier than ever. In addition, Safety Cloud will be compatible with EU SMART Health Cards and COVID digital certificates, which are versions paper or digital information of clinical information, such as vaccination history or test results”.

Taylor noted that the Safety Cloud dashboard centralizes identification and registration data, and will allow customers to:

Streamline COVID-19 testing and health status reporting with agility and security on a single platform. “For example, if first responders test positive through an integrated testing platform, they will no longer have to go to a physical location to check their health status in person and get approved for paid leave. Test results are automatically uploaded to the platform, allowing organizations to better track critical worker availability to ensure adequate staffing. safely bring people together at events with evolving COVID-19 health and safety protocols, including testing and vaccination status requirements, identity and registration, and personalized communication journeys as they change public health regulations.” For example, a company that organizes a large-scale event with clients, can define and automate the protocols Attendee testing schedules — including sending personalized emails about testing requirements and timelines — ultimately helping to identify positive cases of COVID-19 even before the event begins,” Taylor noted. Automate workplace entry and combine ID and health status into a Dreampass, a secure, multi-factor pass for validated access. “For example, a Human Resources team focused on getting its employees and contractors back to the workplace safely can now automate entry into a building with a secure digital pass once a negative blood test result is detected. COVID-19”, stated the executive.
He added that Dreampass, Salesforce’s secure, multi-factor pass for validated access, will support integration with SMART health cards and EU COVID digital certificates.

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