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A new approach to treating cannabis addiction is being developed using ayahuasca, a hallucinogenic plant found in the Amazon. After spending an entire year in Peru, the US-based doctor, Oscar Janner-Bacquer, has seen this brew cure alcoholism and cannabis dependency.
He has recognized that alcoholics and addicts are among the most frequent users of ayahuasca. He noticed that they received relief after taking just a single dose of the potion.
The doctor noticed that alcoholics and addicts are among the most frequent users of ayahuasca. He noticed that they received relief after just one dose of the potion. The hallucinogenic properties cause a transcendental experience that instills a new view of life.
Dr Bacquer uses these insights to create new therapies for treating addictions to narcotics, such as cannabis. The result is a revolutionary treatment for cannabis dependency called Ayahuasca-Assisted Therapy (AAT).
Dr Bacquer believes that AAT should help people connect to the divine before resolving their psychological problems.
During his stay in Peru, he had the opportunity to study many scientific papers about chemistry and properties of ayahuasca. What he found was so convincing that he decided to devote himself to this new therapeutic approach.
For now, he is conducting research with his own patients, but he is hoping that AAT will become a widely accepted treatment in the future.

Cannabis And Psychedelic Reports

Cannabis is a psychoactive substance produced by several species of the plant Cannabis sativa. Marijuana is a strongly addictive substance that can create tolerance and physical dependence if used regularly over a period of time. Cannabis can also cause withdrawal symptoms when some people stop using it abruptly. These symptoms vary from person to person but may include anxiety, cravings, and even painful headaches.
Sedatives are medications that produce calming effects by slowing down activity in your brain and nerves. Although sedatives are sometimes abused for their calming effects, they are usually used to help people with sleep problems such as insomnia or anxiety disorders such as stress or anxiety disorders. However, they can also be abused if they are taken more frequently or in higher doses than prescribed by a doctor or if they are mixed with other substances such as alcohol or painkillers (opioids). Abuse and addiction to sedatives is referred to as sedative abuse or sedative addiction. If you have developed an addiction to sedatives, it is important that you seek treatment as
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