Secret setting makes your Fritzbox even faster!

By TECHBOOK | June 24, 2022 at 9:35 p.m

The Fritzbox from AVM are very popular with consumers. They offer high speeds and stable connections. But did you know that there is a well-hidden "Power Mode" in the settings that provides another speed boost?
The Fritzbox is so popular with many users because it offers a menu with many customization options. In this way, the router can be set individually. Many functions are clearly visible and self-explanatory. But there are also settings that AVM has hidden well, but which are definitely worthwhile.
AVM delivers most Fritz boxes from the factory in the economical "Green Mode", which throttles the speed of the gigabit LAN and USB connections. This is particularly common with models you get from your ISP. The LAN and USB ports can also be operated in the so-called "Power Mode". With the gigabit LAN connection, for example, this means that the data rate here increases from 100 megabits per second (Mbit/s) to up to 1000 (i.e. 1 gigabit per second) – a noticeable boost in speed. You can also unlock more speed with the built-in USB ports.
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How do I activate Power Mode?

In order to activate the power mode, you must first go to the menu of the Fritzbox with your computer. To do this, simply enter in the browser and log in with your login data.
From the “Home network” menu item, click on “Network” and then on the “Network settings” tab at the top. There you will see a list of the various LAN ports under "LAN settings" – and you can switch between "Green Mode" and "Power Mode". However, the mode does not affect the WLAN, only devices that are connected to a LAN cable and the router. If you want to know how to make your wireless internet faster, this article provides useful tips.
You can also customize your USB ports under "Home network" and "USB devices". By default, the USB ports only operate at USB 2.0 speeds to save power. The "Power Mode" switches to UBS 3.0 and thus significantly increases the transfer rate. This setting is a must, especially for external hard drives with the blue USB 3.0 cable.
Almost all. A few exceptions are the Fritzbox 7430 or the Fritzbox 4020. On the official AVM website you will find an overview of all current devices – including information as to whether there are ports for Gigabit LAN or not.

When does Gigabit LAN make sense?

If you want to know how much speed you need for what purpose – this article will clarify.


If you have a gaming PC with Gigabit Ethernet and a fast Internet connection, you should definitely switch on the power mode and connect the PC to the Fritzbox via cable. Even those using a NAS server at home will benefit from the higher transfer rates when moving data across the network. Otherwise, we recommend simply testing whether the Power Mode makes a difference in the Internet speed. If not, the green mode can always be activated again.

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