Smart Glasses, Pixels and More: 7 New Things Google Revealed



AR glasses, Google's first smartwatch, a cheap Pixel 6a and more – this year's Google I/O keynote did not disappoint.
This year's Google I/O keynote was surprisingly full of new hardware and software announcements. In 2 hours, insights into future AI developments, small and large improvements in the Google ecosystem and an almost Apple-like hardware offensive were shown.
We have summarized the most important news for you:

1. Smart glasses

There were a lot of little surprises, but the presentation of a prototype AR glasses was a little wow moment at the end of the keynote. The inconspicuous, albeit slightly bulky, black glasses are supposed to display real-time translations. The direct voice input is converted into "subtitles for the world". The live translation is already in some smartphones, so the step makes perfect sense.
In addition to the translation function, the glasses should also be able to transcribe text. This is intended to help people with hearing impairments in particular. More is not known about the glasses, Google boss Sundar Pichai has not given a date or a release date. That means we'll probably have to wait a while longer. But the approach is always interesting.

2. Pixel watch

The rumor is no more: Google has presented its first own smartwatch. The Pixel Watch comes with a simple, round design and an elegant, rather classic crown. It comes with Wear OS and focuses on the relationship to Fitbit.
All in all, it comes with all the functions that the competition also offers and that come as no surprise: display notifications, navigation via maps, and media and smart home control. Fitbit features like heart rate, sleep, and fitness tracking are also built in.
The Pixel Watch will appear at the same time as the new Pixel 7 in the fall. However, she does not yet have an exact date or price.

3. Pixel 6a and Pixel 7

For the first time since 2019, Google has used the I/O again to present a cheap offshoot of its Pixel smartphones. The Pixel 6a comes with the same Tensor chip as the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro, but is still sold at a moderate price of 459 euros.
However, customers in Austria should be prepared to have to buy the device again from abroad or as a gray import. There is currently no evidence that Google is also selling the cell phone in this country through its official store.
There was also a glimpse of the upcoming Pixel 7: the design of the Pixel 6 has been further developed, the camera module is given an aluminum casing. Inside you'll find a powerful new Tensor processor. The render images show a white Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro, both shipping with Android 13. They are supposed to be available in the fall – but you won't find out more.

4. Pixel tablet

A little surprise is that Google is working on its own Pixel Tablet. This adds another device to the hardware set and, like the competitor Apple, you can soon use a whole range of Google products.
Not much is known about it yet. The back is rounded like the Pixel 5 and has a single camera lens. The front has a relatively wide frame, the camera sits on the long edge. The device should come in 2023, but it does not yet have a price.

5. Pixel Buds Pro

Google's Bluetooth headphones get an improved Pro version. The bottom line is that the Pixel Buds Pro can do what Apple's Air Pods Pro also deliver. They come with active noise cancellation that works on the basis of neural networks.
Optionally, they can be used in transparency mode, which means that despite Active Noise Canceling (ANC), you can see when something important is happening around you. The battery should last up to 11 hours, with ANC it should be 7. The Buds Pro will cost $199 in the US and €219 in the German store.

6. My Ad Center and Personal Information

In the future, Google users should be able to better regulate which advertisements they see. The "My Ad Center" portal was created for this purpose, where all settings for personal advertising are summarized.
In addition, the handling of personal data should be improved. If you find personal information about yourself on the web – such as address, telephone number or e-mail address – you can request the removal directly in the search in the future. The content will not disappear from the web, but at least from Google.


Now it's about Android 13. Material You should bring even more individuality. More apps are to receive the homogeneous app design, the new media player already known from the beta also has a small appearance (you can find out what's new here).
A new update for the Android 13 Beta has also been released. You can read more about this from us shortly.

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