Smart monitors: Smart screens offer these advantages

You have been able to purchase smart monitors since 2020. What they have in common with Smart TVs is that they already have their own operating system with functions pre-installed on them. This allows them to be used as a single device without the need to purchase a computer to purchase the monitor.
Smart monitors – that's what you can expect from the devices

Samsung Smart Monitor M8

If you want, you can even use this smart monitor as an IoT control center in your own four walls. It has an updated Smart Hub that allows you to pair it with a variety of devices. If you want to start the day straight away after a day at work, you can access streaming apps such as Netflix directly on the Smart Monitor. However, you should bring enough discipline with you so that you don't get tempted in your home office during working hours.

Is it worth investing in a smart screen?

Another monitor from the same series from Samsung is much cheaper. The Smart Monitor M7 costs you just under 350 euros. But it still offers you important functions such as Office applications, AirPlay 2 and an integrated Smart Hub. Since you don't need any additional computers here either, the monitor for the home office is a good investment. Because it also offers you a 4K resolution on a 32-inch display, which can be used with streaming services after work. So you can confidently think of it as a cross between a cheap 4K TV and an office computer.

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