Smart TV with cell phone contract? This offer is worth it in the long term

O₂ is now again offering a television together with a mobile phone contract. Superficially, the deal is worth it if you want to get a new TV without a large one-off payment, can use a mobile phone contract, but already have a suitable smartphone. Basically, the new offer is worth a look. All the more so at the moment, because there is currently even a smartphone for free.
And many forget this O₂ savings tip, which is still relevant: If you combine the tariff with the IPTV option O₂ TV L + Netflix (9.99 euros per month), you will receive a voucher to redeem in your Netflix account (new and existing customers ). This gets Netflix Standard for a year and is therefore cheaper in combination than Netflix alone (12.99 euros per month). O₂ TV also offers a large-scale streaming program based on
A TV in the contract, Netflix for free, a smartphone for free? Quite a lot of extras that sound damn good when combined. We see what the deal really promises – and costs.
Xiaomi TV with a mobile tariff that is growing – smartphone as a gift
In detail, there is the Xiaomi Mi TV P1 with a 50-inch screen diagonal. The television with the Android TV operating system and 4K resolution usually comes from the 400-euro class. At O₂ you can now get it for a one-time fee of 19 euros (with a 36-month contract, for 24 and 48 months it's only 7 euros) and 39.90 euros delivery costs.

The Xiaomi Mi LED TV P1

Now to the hardware gift campaign: In addition to the television, there is also a mobile phone from Xiaomi, the Redmi 9A, in the package. Also wireless in-ear headphones, the Mi True Wireless Earbuds Basic. These are not high-end products, but solid devices that are included at a really fair price.
At the same time, you sign up for the new O₂ Grow birthday rate, which is only available for a short time. And this is where it gets interesting. The tariff starts with 40 GB monthly data volume and grows with each year without notice. In the second year there are already 50, in the third year 60 and in the – theoretically – twentieth year without notice in the meantime, with 240 GB per month, Sense is growing. After the device has been paid off in installments, you only have to pay the SIM-only price, which is EUR 29.99. We explain exactly how the new tariff works here. A current iPhone 13 Pro offer with the Grow contract also provides good illustrative material.

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One answer to the question of what you should do with so much data volume lies in the Connect option that is also included: Here you can request additional SIM cards at no extra cost and use the data volume of your contract on several devices. 5G and maximum download speed included.
The data volume in the Grow tariff increases as long as you don't cancel.

The TV contract offer in the price check

First of all: The usual connection price flat rate of 39.99 euros does not apply to the birthday offer, this is part of the campaign. And so, in addition to the hardware and delivery costs, there is only the combined tariff and installment payment per month. O₂ offers a wide range of design options here.
The classic, 24-month minimum contract period, costs 39.99 euros in the selected configuration. If you extend the installment payment over 36 instead of 24 months, the price drops to 32.49 euros. For 48 months, it's 29.99 euros and you're effectively on the level of the SIM-only contract – although you get a television, cell phone and headphones with it.
The total costs vary depending on the selected minimum contract period (bill without O₂ + TV Netflix):
24 months: 24 × 39.99 euros basic fee + 7 euros deposit + 39.90 delivery costs = 1,006.66 euros36 months: 36 × 32.49 euros basic fee + 19 euros deposit + 39.90 delivery costs = 1,228.54 euros48 months: 48 × 29.99 euros basic fee + 7 euros down payment + 39.90 delivery costs = 1,486.42 euros
The hardware equivalent of all priced products is around 490 euros. From a purely arithmetical point of view, choosing the shortest term is the cheapest, although this is reversed when calculating the monthly effective price. All three options are around 21 euros per month for the mega tariff with its growing data volume.

Netflix cheaper for a year – without a cost trap

When you book O₂ TV + Netflix, there is a further 9.99 euros on the monthly bill and you will receive the Netflix voucher for one year separately after ordering. If you are already a Netflix customer, this is an absolute takeaway offer, because: The configuration has a minimum term of 12 months. So if you don't want to use O₂ TV yourself beyond the Netflix period, you can cancel it afterwards. The option is not tied to the long-term mobile phone contract. As a reminder, the $9.99 for the O₂ option is cheaper than the $12.99 you would otherwise pay for Netflix.

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