Step By On How To Use A Is Google Page Speed Insights Good API

First of all, we must explain what speed is, which is related to the time it takes for a page to be displayed on the user’s device after the connection is established between it and the server.
The speed of a page is estimated in seconds or milliseconds. The speed of a page may be too low for different reasons, such as image quality or server configuration. The ideal situation is that the time it takes for a page to be displayed is almost imperceptible.
You may have heard about Google PageSpeed Insights, which not only helps you identify issues but also gives you recommendations to improve your site’s performance. This is an essential tool for analyzing the performance of your website that makes it possible to observe several aspects at once, such as the content, code, and domain that make up your site. 
If you want to check your website’s performance but do not know how to do it, here we tell you how you can do it with the help of an API that will help you take the information you need. We are talking about an API that checks the speed of pages in seconds and with a simple click. PageSpeed API is what you need to test multiple pages at once and find out about their slowdowns, broken links and other problems.   
What is PageSpeed Insights?  We’ve developed PageSpeed Insight from Google to help webmasters and developers examine how speedy their website or web app is and find out what you can do to enhance its performance. Each time PageSpeed Insight examines a URL, it returns a list of recommendations with associated scores that let you know whether or not your website is quick. In order to provide the best results, PageSpeed Insight uses information about your website’s configuration and infrastructure, in addition to performance metrics from our users’ experiences. Based on this data, PageSpeed Insight generates a speed score as well as additional insights. These scores are expressed as percentages and are based on a scale from 0 to 100 (100 being the quickest).  
Be able to run an extensive analysis of your page speed with this API. Ideal to know about your page performance.

You can check Page Speed Analyzer API for free here.

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