Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin is getting a free demo

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin is scheduled for release on March 18th. Now players can play a new, almost completely free demo before the release.
This is Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin
Behind the long name is a game that is intended to familiarize fans of the classic Final Fantasy Games with new mechanics and game elements. The game ties in with the story and the world of the original games. The setting of the original title is transformed into a darker fantasy world. As a player, it's your job to slip into the role of Jack Garland and fight the chaos. Jack is almost obsessed with clearing up all the chaos and creating order.
Despite the familiar story and setting of the old game, Stranger of Paradise is still a new game in its own right. A game that aims to bring innovation and novelty to the long-standing series. Jobs and the combat system play a particularly important role in the new game. The game's job system is complex and has different levels of jobs that players can achieve and unlock.

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More than a free demo

The combat system of the new game is particularly complex.
Stranger of Paradise has decided to even make two demos available. The demos allow players to discover both the difficulty of the game and the new jobs. This is particularly important since Stranger of Paradise is not a classic Final Fantasy game, even though the name might suggest it. This means that fans of the series now have the opportunity to test the new version of the game before they spend their money. If a player finds that the game is not for them, then no money has been lost for the full version. This is an advantage, especially for a game that goes in a new direction. In this way, disappointment and negative feedback can be minimized.
The Stranger of Paradise demos are almost completely free. They each cost a symbolic 25 cents on the PlayStation, which everyone probably has available for a short demo. The full version of the game currently costs a whopping 70 euros for the standard version. In comparison, 25 cents is hardly an expense. For the Xbox, the demo is even completely free. If you like the demo and want to pre-order the game, you can do so for 70 euros in your PlayStation or Xbox store.

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