Surfing through the Tor network is super easy

I have already told you many times about Tor, this encrypted network that allows you to surf the Internet bypassing blockages, censorship and to some extent protecting your identity. I say "to some extent" because depending on what you are doing and your configuration, it is still possible to determine your identity.
People often mistakenly think that using Tor is complex and requires a lot of configuration. But this is false because there are browsers accessible to everyone that both allow you to go through the Tor network but also protect your identity (for example by integrating a tracker blocker).
Tor is used by lots of people around the world. There are of course political dissidents, people wishing to communicate with their family outside their country, people who do business and who do not want to be spied on, or even people concerned about the traces that they leave online.
The objective of this article is therefore to introduce you to the main user-friendly "Tor Browsers" so that you can easily surf the normal web and the dark web while protecting your identity as well as possible.

Tor on a computer

Here, no blabla, the reference is the official browser offered by Tor: The Tor Browser. Available on Windows, macOS and Linux, this Firefox has been configured and patched to pass through the Tor network, even if you are in a country that blocks Tor. This is made possible thanks to the bridge mode offered during the initial launch. It also includes extensions protecting privacy such as HTTS Everywhere or NoScript.
However, be careful not to add plug-ins or extensions to your Tor Browser as these could compromise your identity. Downloading in p2p type Bitorrent is also not recommended because it can lead to the discovery of your IP address and it also weighs down the network.

Tor Browser can be downloaded here

Tor on your Android smartphone

You can also surf via Tor on an Android smartphone. First with an official port of Tor Browser that you can download here in APK format or directly from the Google Play Store.

Tor on your iPhone / iPad

How to test if it works?

To test the effectiveness of your Tor installation or your browser, there are many sites that check for any data leaks you might encounter, from your browser fingerprint to your IP or geolocation.
EFF's Browser LeaksLocateJSIPLeakCover Your Tracks
Obviously, what I have presented to you here is only the tip of the iceberg. There are many ways to implement Tor, for example via a Raspberry Pi gateway…etc. If you're interested, let me know and I'll do a tutorial for you.

Have fun and surf covered!

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