The best cartoons mercilessly debunking America's gun freaks

Christmas greeting from a Republican congressman and his family: «Merry Christmas! ps. Santa, please bring ammunition."
America's never-ending school massacres as seen by cartoonists.
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After the brutal massacre at an elementary school in the US state of Texas with 21 dead, the police are under heavy pressure because of dramatic omissions. According to official information, 19 police officers were already in the hallway in front of the classroom where the gunman was holed up with teachers and students at an early stage. However, the officers made no attempts to enter the room for a long time. Now the US Department of Justice wants to examine the use of that day more closely. US President Joe Biden visited the community of Uvalde on Sunday, where grief is increasingly turning to anger.
Around the same time, students from inside the room began dialing 911 police in desperation, officials said. Among them was a student who called several times in a row. In a whisper, she first reported several deaths. In another call, she said a little later that eight to nine students were still alive. Still no help came. 40 minutes after the first call, the girl begged for the police to be called immediately.
Meanwhile, police officers outside the door were waiting for reinforcements, the Texas Public Safety Authority revealed on Friday. The officer responsible was of the opinion that after the first shots were fired, no more children were in danger. Now that's causing bewilderment. It was not until 12:50 p.m. that emergency services entered the room – with a key that they had obtained from the caretaker – and killed the gunman. More than 75 minutes after he opened fire inside. Meanwhile, the attacker wiped out 21 lives. 17 other people were injured.

What a hardened school looks like

(Originally published 2013. Reran 2018 when NRA apparently used my cartoon as a blueprint for their proposed solution to school shootings. Now they're promoting the same old idiot bullshit again)

— Pat Bagley May 29, 2022

Evil Money is the root of it all

They're happy to consider massacred children as "collateral damage" in their pursuit of wealth and power


— Pat Bagley (@Patbagley) May 25, 2022OMG, the horror and the irony is overwhelming. My vote for meme of the day.

— John Oberlin May 29, 2022

Thank God none of them are fetuses…


With material from the news agencies SDA and DPA.

America's Gun Problem in Cartoons: Part 1

School shooting in Texas


School shooting in Texas

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