The LG Signature range welcomes a washer-dryer


It was thought to be relegated to the radius of industrial accidents full of panache, alongside the Dyson car or the KitchenAid magnetic drive blender. And yet, the LG Signature washing machine returns with an LSWD100E version, both washing and drying.
Remember, that was almost four years ago. We received the LG Signature LSF100W washing machine, still today the most expensive model that has passed through our hands since it had been launched at 3000 €. Unfortunately, despite all the on-board technologies and the extraordinary side of the device, the tests we conducted at the time did not allow it to exceed a three-star rating. And yet, the South Korean still believes in his baby since he has just unveiled an equally exclusive version, but capable, after having washed it, of drying the laundry.
Despite its drying skills, the LSWD100E washer-dryer necessarily looks a lot like its elder. A far cry from traditional washing machines, its porthole has been raised several centimeters to make loading laundry easier. This choice forced the manufacturer to make some adjustments. While the detergent drawer is placed in the upper part of the machine on almost all other washing machines on the market, the automatic detergent dosing system is seen here placed under the door. On the other hand, LG got rid of the traditional control panel on the front and placed it directly on the door. It takes on the appearance of a touch screen, round in shape (Quick Circle technology). Navigate through the tree structure to select the basic program, whether or not accompanied by a drying phase. And to facilitate this step, it is tilted by 17° so that the user does not have to kneel, but just leans a little to read the indications.
The inclination of the headband at 17° should simplify programming. © LG
It is therefore from this touch interface that the parameters such as the water temperature, the spin speed (up to 1600 rpm) or even the delayed end of the program are modified. Other options are of course available on this very high-end model – which can also recognize the type of textile inserted in the drum – such as the steam functions – to refresh little-worn clothes, or to soften the fibers and thus facilitate ironing. — or rinse more. At the cost of increased water consumption, a more thorough rinsing should make it possible to remove more detergent (and therefore potentially irritant) from textiles.
For those who find it too classic to program their washing machine via the device's control panel, the LSWD100E can be paired via wifi to a smartphone equipped with the ThinQ application. As usual, it is possible to set up your washing program and download very specific cycles for swimwear or children's clothing. It is also possible to monitor water and electricity consumption or even receive notifications at key moments in the cycle or when there are no more detergent products in the tanks; because yes, the LSWD100E is equipped with an automatic detergent and softener dosing system. Like those of the LSF100W, the compartments are housed at the bottom of the device, under the drum.
The LG Signature LSWD100E is equipped with the manufacturer's own TurboWash 360° laundry shower system: placed all around the drum, nozzles project the water from the washing bath onto the laundry to further reduce cycle time. According to the manufacturer, 49 min is enough to wash half a load of laundry.
The detergent product tanks are loaded from the bottom of the appliance. © LG
The LG Signature LSWD100E data sheet recommends a capacity of 12 kg for washing and only 7 kg for drying, for a 79 l drum. This difference must be taken into account if you wish to launch a program comprising these two stages. It is of course a direct drive motor which officiates: this one is announced as being less greedy in energy and less fragile than a conventional motor. The absence of a transmission belt also limits the sound level. As for drying, LG has chosen the latest technology since it is a heat pump that removes moisture from textile fibers, a system that has two major advantages to accomplish its task: it is very energy efficient in energy, and the heat cannot exceed 60°C in the drum, which does not damage the fibers of the laundry.
Finally, as was already the case for the LSF100W, it is possible to place a satellite washing machine underneath – which cannot be used as a dryer, let us specify -, the sidekick, which increases the washing capacity of 2 kg. Small originality of this reinforcement, it has a drum placed vertically.
LG's Signature range isn't known for its affordability, and the LSWD100E is no exception to the rule: the entry ticket is €2,499.

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