The lion's den: beer for breakfast? Maker of spreads has an exciting idea

"The Lion's Den" is back with new episodes and again has a lot of ideas in its luggage. Among other things, a new spread made from beer.
You are back. In its eleventh season, the investors of "The Lion's Den" are again making offers and putting founders through their paces. Start-up entrepreneurs present their ideas and the professionals should decide whether the products are any good and can join the companies on the spot. The opening episode features beer, bags, hair ties and more. These are the products
"Beer Fruits" wants to be a culinary experience
Beer for breakfast? Worth an idea for "The Lion's Den".

RTL/Bernd-Michael Maurer

Clemens August and Michael brought along a new idea for the "Lion's Den": The two beer sommeliers and restaurateurs invented "Beer Fruits". The spread combines different types of beer with fruit and actually contains one percent alcohol. Dagmar Wöhrl asks: "Beer for breakfast?" Are the lions hungry for this? It should be 150,000 euros for 20 percent of the company.

"The Lion's Den" products at Netto

A bag for the bike that is also a backpack

The first episode bangs straight into the new season with a surprise: Karl and Leander are both 17 years old and thus the youngest founding team of all time in "Die Höhle der Löwen". Their idea is called "2bag" and is a bicycle bag that users can carry like a backpack. By opening the zipper, the attachment for the bike becomes the backpack carrier. The lions are enthusiastic and there is a big surprise: all five want to invest. Do all deals fit the founders? Who can you imagine as a partner? They want 20,000 euros for ten percent of the new company.

Sustainable hair tie Fairtye

Fabian and Wolfgang have developed a sustainable hair tie. It is made from organic cotton and Roica. The latter is a recyclable spandex. The clou: there are no predetermined breaking points like clips or glue points and therefore it should be particularly gentle on the hair. 250,000 euros for ten percent. Are investors interested in that?
Many products from "Die Höhle der Löwen" are already available on Netto shortly after the broadcast. (Advertisement)

The world's easiest to extend table?

ILAIK can be easily pulled apart

RTL / Bernd-Michael Maurer

LAIK wants to be an extendable table for everyone. At least that's how Anita, Denis and Mark present their "iLaik" table. You can pull the table apart like an accordion and thus adjust the size to your own needs. Thanks to laser cuts and a patented design, it can be pulled out like an accordion. It should be 350,000 euros for ten percent of the company.
SendMePack aims to solve a major online shopping problem
Online shopping produces packaging waste. One point here is, among other things, the boxes that are used by the companies for shipping. Philip and Michelle want to change that with the company "SendMePack". They collect the empty packages, remove the labels and check them for cleanliness and stability. They then sell them back to mail order companies and online shops and want to create a sustainable cycle for the boxes. Are the lions interested? That should be 200,000 euros for 25 percent.

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