The Lord of the Rings: Gollum – A release date has finally been announced

The Lord of the Rings: Gollum

This game is, as the name suggests, a game that takes us to Middle-earth. The story is based on the books and films of the universe of the same name. However, in this game we are not following the story of a heroic hobbit, but that of Gollum. Gollum, a being who was once a hobbit, was turned into a monster by the ring's power. There are several personalities in his head, but they all have one goal: the ring must stay with Gollum.

Release Date and News

Since the trailer at the Game Awards, the team behind The Lord of the Rings: Gollum has been very quiet. This has caused a lot of speculation and fans have come up with various theories about the game. However, the studio has now broken the silence. In a tweet, the game's official account announced that it's finally here on September 1st of this year. Together with Gollum, players can finally go on a journey.

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Especially fans of the fantasy genre are looking forward to the release of the game. Among other things, various locations from “The Lord of the Rings” can be explored in the game. These include Mirkwood, Moria and Mordor, but other iconic locations will also be included in the game. Well-known characters should also make a comeback in the game. Including Gandalf, whose involvement has already been confirmed. Whether Bilbo will also be included in the game is not yet entirely clear. However, fans always speculate as to which characters might appear in the game.
However, it is now clear that by September 1st at the latest, it will finally be clear who made it into the game and who did not. Switch players will have to wait a little longer, as the Switch version is expected to be released a little later than the PC and console versions. In the meantime, however, this is almost normal, since unfortunately Switch players often have to wait longer for games.

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