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What do four Irishmen, one Briton, the church and gun violence have in common? Not much at first glance. But on the second, yes – at least if you are in Northern Ireland on the border with Great Britain in the 1990s. This extraordinary constellation alone is worth watching this series, which we would like to recommend to you. We'll tell you why it's also worth it.
Netflix tip: Furious finale of one of the best series of all time

Derry Girls: More Than Just a Coming-of-Age Story

Grow up. In itself not an easy task. If you have to deal with a violent political conflict in addition to everyday school and teenage life, it makes life even more difficult. In the middle of the action are Erin (Saoirse-Monica Jackson), Clare (Nicola Coughlan, known from "Bridgerton"), Orla (Louisa Harland) and Michelle (Jamie-Lee O'Donnell) in the small Northern Irish town of Derry.
The conflict between Northern Ireland or the IRA and Great Britain is not only raging on a political level. Troubles are also reflected between the friends when, out of the blue, Michelle's British cousin – the "wee english fella" – James (Dylan Llewellyn) shows up and turns the girls' lives upside down – or is it the other way around? The five crazy and cheeky teenagers experience the everyday madness of family, love, friendship and quarrels.

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So, on the one hand, Derry Girls is a classic coming-of-age story. On the other hand, the sitcom is peppered with an abundance of charm, wit, swearing, attention to detail and blasphemy. There's Sister (George) Michael (Siobhan McSweeney), who runs the arch-Catholic school and keeps the troop on their toes with her dry sense of humor. Nerdy Jenny Joyce (Leah O'Rourke) who keeps outsmarting Erin, Clare, Orla, James and Michelle. With bite that keeps the five friends in trouble, they try to find their place in life – in Derry. Will they succeed?
Tip: If you can, watch Derry Girls in the original English. Here the British-Irish conflict and joke is conveyed on a linguistic level, which makes the series once again amusing and worth seeing.

How to stream the charming sitcom

In 2018, the first season of Derry Girls made its debut. The second season was released in 2019. The good news: A third season has also been out since April, but is currently only viewable on British television, so the story is complete. It is still unclear when you can stream the new episodes in this country. However, the third season should also end up on Netflix about half a year later. You can watch seasons 1 and 2 of "Derry Girls" on the streaming service in advance.
As series creator Lisa McGee announced, Season 3 will be over. “'Derry Girls' is a coming-of-age story; it follows five hilarious teenagers who are slowly… very slowly… starting to grow up as the place they call home begins to change too and Northern Ireland moves into a new, more hopeful phase – a small, magical window of opportunity," she writes on twitter. The series is inspired by McGee's childhood memories.

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