Thousands of cannabis plants discovered on potato field and farm


District police authority Siegen-Wittgenstein

Police officers harvesting hemp in a potato field in North Rhine-Westphalia. Thousands of cannabis plants were also discovered on a farm in Lower Saxony.
In North Rhine-Westphalia and Lower Saxony, the police seized thousands of cannabis plants. They grew on a potato field and in the rooms of a farm.
Last week, the police seized thousands of cannabis plants on two farms in North Rhine-Westphalia and Lower Saxony.
In one case the hemp was in a potato field, in the other in the rooms of a farm. The officers are now investigating suspected crimes.

Police find 2,500 hemp plants among potatoes

According to the Siegen-Wittgenstein district police authority, a total of around 2,500 hemp plants were seized last week on a field in a district of Bad Berleburg in North Rhine-Westphalia.
The police had previously received information about the cultivation of hemp. During an inspection of the arable land, which is also used for growing potatoes, hemp plants were grown on an area of 300 square meters. The weather of the past few days has ensured vigorous growth, so that the plants could not be overlooked.
Police are investigating against a farmer: suspicion of a crime
The criminal police harvested the plants together with forces from the security service. The dried leaves will soon be sent to the State Criminal Police Office to determine the active content (THC content). Due to the number of plants, however, a not small amount of anesthetics can be assumed even with a low active content. This leads to the suspicion of a crime being committed.
The police are now investigating against field owners. The subject of these investigations is, among other things, whether the owner carried out the cultivation himself or whether third parties cultivated the field.
1,000 cannabis plants confiscated in Lower Saxony


Police station Nienburg/Schaumburg

The cultivation of cannabis on a farm in Lower Saxony appeared extremely professional to the officials.

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A similar case also occurred in Lower Saxony last week. During a search of an agricultural property in Niedernwöhren last Wednesday, the police were able to find and confiscate almost 1,000 cannabis plants and the necessary technical equipment, according to the Nienburg/Schaumburg Police Inspectorate.
The search, which was carried out in close consultation with the Bückeburg public prosecutor's office, was preceded by a witness reference. A man came across the professional plantation by chance and then contacted the Stadthagen police directly.

Suspect tried to flee farm

During the search, plants, technical equipment and a professional ventilation and irrigation system were found in several rooms. A 22-year-old suspect tried to flee the scene. He was arrested by the police officers.
In the further course of the investigation, in addition to the 22-year-old, three other suspects aged between 26 and 52 were identified.

On farm: Illegal production of cannabis

The four men are currently being investigated for illegally producing cannabis in large quantities.
The public prosecutor responsible ordered the immediate destruction of the plants that were about to be ready for harvest, as well as the technical equipment. A disposal company was commissioned to remove and destroy the considerable amount of evidence.
With material from the district police authority of Siegen-Wittgenstein, police station in Nienburg/Schaumburg

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