Tineco S5 and S5 Pro in comparison: Which vacuum wiper is more worthwhile?

Tineco was founded in Hong Kong more than 20 years ago and specializes primarily in vacuum cleaners and wet cleaners. Tineco also has a smart hair dryer in its range. Now the smart household appliances from the Hong Kong company are slowly spilling over to Europe. We take a closer look at the two wet and dry vacuum cleaners Tineco S5 and S5 Pro – and show you in our comparison what the smart household helpers can do.
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Tineco S5 and S5 Pro – vacuuming and wiping in one go

Both the Tineco S5 and the Tineco S5 Pro are cordless vacuum wipers that – as the name suggests – can vacuum and wipe the floor in one go. This not only promises considerable time savings compared to a mop, but also significantly more convenience. Because the two suction wipers are equipped with a fresh water and a dirty water tank as well as a rotating brush roller. This eliminates the hassle of carrying cleaning buckets and wringing out mops. Instead, the two suction wipers from Tineco can be simply driven over dry, wet or sticky dirt and the floor can be cleaned easily in one go.
To do this, simply add cleaning agents to the fresh water tank and you can start right away. When cleaning, the two Tineco suction wipers practically suck the dirty water into the second tank. The floor does not have to be dried or wiped dry and there are no streaks. Both devices are suitable for all hard floors, such as tiles, laminate and other hardwood floors. Both the Tineco S5 and the S5 Pro have a 4,000 mAh battery that can be used to wipe floors for around 35 minutes at a time. The tank size of the two models does not differ either. In both devices of the Tineco S5 series there is space for 800 milliliters of fresh water and 700 milliliters of dirty water. This means that larger areas can also be cleaned in one go without having to change the tank in between.

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Quiet cleaning up to the edge

Both models from Tineco work comparatively quietly with a volume of around 78 decibels and are therefore as quiet as many other cordless vacuum cleaners. The cleaning rollers of the S5 and S5 Pro are designed in such a way that you can remove dirt from the floor up to the edge. This means that there is no dirty edge that then has to be laboriously removed by hand.

Tineco suction wiper easily cleans edges

Smart dirt detection – S5 Pro comes with a better display
Now we come to one of the few differences between the two smart household helpers. Both are equipped with a display that shows helpful information such as the cleaning mode, degree of soiling or battery status. While the S5 uses an LED screen, the S5 Pro's LCD display is a bit more professional. Because here 3D animations support the overview with further clear information.

LCD, LED and AMOLED: These are the display differences

The smart iLoop sensor of both devices automatically detects the level of soiling on the floor and adjusts the cleaning mode accordingly. This saves you having to switch between different modes manually and you can wipe around the apartment in a relaxed manner. The S5 and the S5 Pro have the same cleaning power at 220 watts and weigh the same at 4.5 kilograms each.
Tineco S5 and S5 Pro: The charging station cleans the suction wiper independently
If you order the Tineco S5 or S5 Pro, you will also receive a base station. This automatically charges the respective suction wiper when you place it in the station. The charging process takes about three hours. A practical self-cleaning function is also integrated into the station, which automatically removes hair and other dirt from the brush. This saves you the hassle of cleaning the brush by hand and you can use the time you save for something better. In addition, both devices are supplied with a replacement cleaning roller, a cleaning tool, cleaning agent and a replacement Hepa filter. So you can start spring cleaning right away.
Another difference in the Tineco S5 Pro is its special suction mode, which is not used in the normal S5. With the suction mode, you can pick up dirt even without the wiping function. For example, you can only remove dust or dirt from an apartment – just like with a conventional cordless vacuum cleaner. This extra function and the improved display of the S5 Pro cost you around 100 euros extra.

Conclusion: Tineco S5 or Tineco S5 Pro?

The two suction wiper models Tineco S5 and Tineco S5 Pro come with the same equipment for the most part. Both have the same suction power, the same battery life, and almost the same features. As far as the scope of delivery is concerned, you get the same accessories for both devices. Both devices are ideal for cleaning dry and wet dirt and make cleaning your house a lot easier.
Only the display, the special suction mode – and the associated price – differ. With the Tineco S5 Pro you get a more professional display and with the suction mode one more function that can be worthwhile for some. Otherwise both devices are identical. If you don't value a better display and the functions of the Tineco S5 are sufficient for you, you can save around 100 euros compared to the Pro model. However, if these two factors are important to you, we recommend the Tineco S5 Pro.
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