Top 3 Best Free Highest Cost Of Living Cities API (2022)

In case you’re planning to move and I’m sure you are, you should know that the most important thing for any newcomer is knowing the cost of living in that new city. 
This can help you support your move better, for example, if you calculate how much rent a certain space would cost, or how much your meals should cost.
Let’s say you want to compare with your expenses and income, maybe you’re moving from a smaller town and don’t know the price of all services in the city you’re going to live in.
An API is basically a contract between two systems that enables them to communicate and send data to each other.
The best free highest cost of living cities API will save you time and money and help you find the perfect place to live.
So let’s talk about 3 Best Free Highest Cost Of Living Cities API:

1- Average Cost of Living API

This APIs delivers current and historical estimates of the average cost of living in cities across the world, including specific costs for more than 150 goods and services in different areas.
It also allows you to See the costs of food, drink, housing, utilities, transportation, and other necessities. View the average prices of various goods and services in different regions.Check income tax brackets for different levels of income. View cost of living indices for various goods and services in different locationsThe reason why this is one of my favorites is that it works very quickly and accurately because it has thousands of records in its database that are constantly updated by thousands of users who update their records every time they are asked to update them. Also I can find many different records that allow me to look not only at some features but also at prices in different regions where I can compare prices. This is very useful if you are not just looking at the city but some other options around it as well.2- Numbeo (Numbeo)Numbeo is a very well-known site that monitors the cost of living worldwide. It collects data related to both rental and purchase costs, as well as other expenses. It also has reviews on almost any city around the world as well
Supporting more than 8000 cities, this API will provide accurate information about the cost of living and prices in those cities.

You can check Cities Cost of Living and Average Prices API for free here.

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