Top 3 Best Free Is PIN Code Unique In India API 2022

Use this API to determine the uniqueness of the PIN code numbers. It is an Indian postal code that uniquely identifies a place. On the other hand, it is used by the Indian postal system to deliver mail to the correct destination. It could be identified by a set of 6 digits, where the first digit represents the state or territory, the second represents the region or district, and the fifth and sixth digits represent the area or ward.
A unique geographical identifier for a place in India can be represented as “PIN Code”. The postal code indicates a location and is used to route mail to the appropriate place. A unique code of six digits is given to each place in India; which is not used again elsewhere in India. It consists of three parts: first two digits represent the state code, third and fourth digits represent the district code, and fifth and sixth digits are reserved for sub-district codes.
The entry of a valid address, such as an intersection of roads or railway stations, is mandatory. The location can also be defined at a level between intersections, for example, a neighborhood or building. The user can also enter an intersection with an imaginary line extended in each direction; he can select from a list of available imaginary lines.
The address can also be defined using geometric coordinates as two points. The user must enter one point and select whether it is a starting point or finish point. Based on this information, generate a search rectangle; if there are several locations with this information, use it to generate a list of possible locations.

An API To Get The Information Of A Pin Code 2022

Use this API to retrieve geolocation information for any location in India given its postcode. On the other hand, you’ll be able to tell whether two postal codes are located in the same place and what are their coordinates (latitude and longitude).
If you want to build an application that locates Indian postal codes; you must use an API that offers precision from the moment you request an endpoint; so as not to get false data when you have already done it with each request; and find that your system does not work properly due to false data.  
That is why we recommend you use this API; that allows you to not only obtain accurate information from worldwide locations but also from all over India; so that together with your API you have a list of accurate geographic data at your disposal all over your application that
Retrieve relevant information for a given Pin Code in India. Get PostOffice name, State name, and City name.

You can check Get Details by Pin Code India API for free here.

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