Trendnet TV-IP1318PI in the test: 4K outdoor surveillance camera with PoE

The Trendnet TV-IP1318PI PoE surveillance camera offers 4K resolution and supports wide dynamic range. The test shows how well it works in practice.
In order for modern surveillance cameras (theme world) to be able to inform users about suspicious events, they need a network connection. Most currently available variants use WLAN for this. Alternatively, there are so-called PoE cameras that are networked via Ethernet and also receive power via the network cable. One such model is the Trendnet TV-IP1318PI.

Scope of delivery and other features

The TV-IP1318PI measures 155 × 70 × 70 mm, weighs 400 grams, is weatherproof according to IP67 in combination with the robust steel housing and, according to the manufacturer, can be used in a temperature range of -30° to 60° Celsius. The network connection is made via Ethernet cable, which is also used for the power supply. A Power-Over-Ethernet injector is required for this, which is not included in the scope of delivery. If you want to put the camera into operation, you must also invest in a corresponding PoE injector. The camera can be positioned up to 100 meters away from the PoE injector.
In addition to the camera, the scope of delivery also includes a holder, charging cable and mounting material such as screws and dowels.

Commissioning of the Trendnet TV-IP1318PI

However, full configuration requires the Mira VMS desktop application, available for Windows and macOS, or a browser.
Configuration, alarm settings & notifications
Users can comprehensively configure the surveillance camera via the "Advanced" option via the Mira VMS desktop application or the browser. Numerous parameters such as TCP/IP, Port, DDNS, QoS and others are available in the Network section.
In the Event section, users set the range and sensitivity for motion detection. In addition, with intrusion detection, line crossing detection and sabotage monitoring, further monitoring options are available, which clearly indicate that the Trendnet IP1318PI is intended more for professional users and less for private use.
It is also practical that you can adjust the onscreen settings extensively. This allows users to decide whether they want to see certain parameters such as name, date and week. You can also choose between transparent and non-transparent for the OSD display mode and decide whether the display should flash or not. You can also set the font color and alignment.
Thanks to ONVIF support with support for the S and G profiles, the camera can also be operated with the appropriate software.
Trendnet TV-IP1318PI: setup, settings & test recordings

Images from the app

Smart home integration

Users cannot use the Trendnet TV-IP1318PI together with a smart home system. The PoE camera does not support Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant or Apple Homekit. Trendnet also does not support other common smart home solutions such as Samsung Smartthings or Homey.

Practice and recording quality

While full configuration of the camera is only possible with the Mira VMS desktop application or via a browser, users can also follow the camera's live stream via the Mira mobile app. It also supports the zoom function of the Trendnet TV-IP1318PI and thus shows one of the great advantages of 4K cameras. Due to the higher resolution, 4K models still offer good detail display even when zooming. This allows users to identify suspicious objects more quickly. Zooming is possible with a two-finger gesture and is supported by displaying the current zoom level.
In terms of suspicious object detection, the camera performs well with few false alarms. The notifications are prompt, and users can access push messages and e-mail.

Trendnet TV-IP1318PI: product images

Product images


The Trendnet TV-IP1318PI is available for around 190 euros. Additional costs for a microSD card must be taken into account for local storage. A PoE injector is also required to start up the camera, the simplest version of which is available for around 24 euros. More powerful models with connection options for up to five cameras are available from Trendnet from around 192 euros.


The Trendnet TV-IP1318PI is a powerful 4K surveillance camera and is particularly suitable for professional users who already use a PoE infrastructure or are planning a surveillance system based on this technology. With the Mira mobile application, users can only set certain functions of the surveillance camera and follow the live stream. Full configuration, on the other hand, is only possible via the browser or via the Mira desktop application.

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