Ubisoft: All information about the PvP battle arena game Project Q at a glance

Even though Ubisoft has just announced Project Q, there is already some information that has become known in advance.
Ubisoft kept Project Q information sparse when it announced it, but as usual, you can rely on the gaming community. Information about the game has been leaked from a behind-closed-doors test.
First of all, the official information from Ubisoft:

It will be a battle arena PvP game

It's not just a battle royale

There will be different modes, all themed FUN! stand.
As usual, this seems vague and mysterious, the leaked information sheds some light into the darkness. Project Q is still in an early development phase, so open or closed beta tests will still be a while in coming. A large part of the data comes from a gameplay recording of the test run mentioned.
For example, there is an umbrella that makes you temporarily invisible or a plant seed that gives you back life points. All gear, both weapons and wonders, appear to work via a cooldown mechanic rather than ammo.
At the beginning of each round, the player has the opportunity to put together his hero and his equipment from different characters and different outfits for each character.
not just battle royale, but at least one similar mode
Character selection at the beginning of each round
Weapon and wonder selection at the beginning of each round

Family-friendly look

Weapons and wonders are regulated by cooldown

Team battles, objective based and elimination

Early development phase

Test runs already announced


Finally, there is speculation about Project Q's payment model. The speculation is based on the fact that, according to their website, Ubisoft Bordeaux are working on an unannounced free-to-play PvP game, which is probably Project Q. However, these are speculations that have not yet been officially confirmed.
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