Until midnight: The best smartphone deals on Amazon Prime Day 2022

Until midnight: The best smartphone deals on Amazon Prime Day 2022
Amazon is hosting Prime Day 2022* on July 12th and 13th. As part of this discount campaign, there are exclusive offers and deals for members of Amazon Prime*.
Cheap smartphone deals for the most popular models from Samsung, Huawei and Apple are particularly popular on Prime Day.
In this article you will find the best smartphone deals on Prime Day 2022. All other deals can be found here: Prime Day at Amazon*.
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Amazon Prime Day* is one of the biggest shopping events of the year. As part of the promotion, eligible Prime members will receive exclusive discounts on approximately one million products and services from July 12-13, 2022. In recent years, the average saving was 27 percent, which made customers want to order more than 250 million products in 2021.

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Many cell phones are heavily discounted on Amazon Prime Day
Particularly popular on Prime Day: high-quality televisions, laptops, headphones and, of course, smartphones. Especially Android devices from brands like Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi and Co. are heavily discounted on the two days. But even Apple models, which are otherwise rarely on sale, can be bought at least a little cheaper on Prime Day – even if the savings are usually a little larger with an Android smartphone.

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The best smartphone deals on Prime Day 2022

Which cell phone deals shouldn't you miss? We searched the Prime Day deals for the best bargains – and found them. There's a ten percent discount on a Oneplus smartphone*. There are also numerous Samsung Galaxy models that are reduced by up to 20 percent*.
To be able to shop the offers, you need a valid membership with Amazon Prime*. The service costs EUR 7.99 per month or EUR 69.00 per year. You can test Prime for 30 days free of charge and benefit immediately from all the advantages, such as the exclusive Prime Day deals.
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