Version management: GitLab opens group access tokens for all users

GitLab has released version 14.7. The January release of the monthly updated version control platform brings over 25 changes to both free and paid edition users. Labels can now be deleted across all versions directly on the Edit Label page. This applies to admin, project, and group labels, and frees GitLab users from the need to maintain a long list of deprecated labels.

Group access tokens also for SaaS users

Previously Group Access Tokens were only available for self-managed instances, in GitLab 14.7 they are also available for users of the SaaS versions. They are similar to Project Access Tokens and Personal Access Tokens, except that they relate to a group. Granting them allows a single token to be used to perform actions on groups and manage projects within a group. Once configured, they allow password-free login by entering any non-empty value. As of version GitLab 14.2, which was released last August, group access tokens can also be used to authenticate Git over HTTPS.
GitLab 14.7 allows all user groups to create Group Access Tokens via UI.

The way the tokens are assigned is also new: Whereas the Rails console was previously required, this is also possible in the new release via GitLab API and user interface (UI), as the documentation shows.

Audit events discover new targets

GitLab 14.7 opens up new possibilities for streaming audit events for Ultimate users of the self-managed or SaaS version: They can now be streamed to any destination, which should allow them to be correlated with other data streams, for example. The GitLab team cites managing a backup of audit events or creating your own automation that triggers when a specific audit event occurs as other possible uses.

Other innovations

With GitLab 14.7, the GitLab Runner version 14.7 is also available for all user groups. He adds an interactive web terminal to the GitLab Runner Helm Chart. Also affecting all users, there is an innovation for the Kubernetes agent, which has also been available for users of the free editions since version 14.5: A registered GitLab agent for Kubernetes can now be removed using the GitLab UI instead of the GraphQL API as before to have to use. Then GitLab revokes the tokens and the connection stops immediately.
All further information about the new release can be found on the GitLab blog.

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