Vivid: Cashback program will be expanded for all users

The Fintech Vivid comes up here in the blog from time to time, which is not least due to the high pace of development that is shown there.
Vivid comes with a cashback program. That has been turned inside out several times in recent years and the conditions have changed. With “Cashback 2.0” the cashback program is adjusted again. From now on, not only users with a paid Prime subscription will receive cashback. Previously, Prime customers received 0.1 percent cashback on all card payments, but standard users now also receive 0.2 percent, more than Prime customers previously. In return, the cashback for Prime customers has been increased to 1 percent. Furthermore, they even receive 3 percent cashback for restaurants outside the European Economic Area. The special cashback campaigns for special providers are also being extended to standard customers, where Prime customers also benefit from higher cashback rates.
It's not entirely without "buts" after all. In order to stay in the cashback program, 500 euros per month must be spent with the card in the future. This is necessary for standard customers to get cashback at all outside of promotions and for prime customers to benefit from the increased cashback rate. The exact conditions for Cashback 2.0 can be viewed here. In March and April you can still get a taste of cashback without any conditions. As before, there are so-called "stock rewards" for the cashback. The cashback is therefore linked to the rise in a share price, so you can benefit if the price rises. However, you don't lose anything.
In terms of costs, everything remains the same: the standard account is free of charge and the prime account costs 9.90 euros per month. You can also do the math: if you make a monthly turnover of 1,000 euros, you already have the costs. If you create an account via my referral link (*affiliate link), you will also start with a small starting bonus. (Yes, and I get something out of it too, I have to admit transparently – logically.)
But that's not all with innovations and true to the latest efforts to gain a foothold in the investment area, you bring savings plans with you from now on. For those, there is a separate pocket in the app, see screenshot, which allows you to make regular investments in shares, precious metals or ETFs. At this point the note: At Vivid you only acquire derivatives and no real shares, etc. This allows at least a low-threshold entry into the subject of investments. Investing in stocks and ETFs is free for all users. For investments in precious metals, a commission of 1 percent for free users and 0.5 percent for users with the Prime plan is charged per trade.
We recently reported on the establishment of an investment community. The beta test for Vivid Beat has now been completed and registration is now being gradually released for all customers. They can exchange information about financial markets and their trading experiences directly on the platform.
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