We have been looking the other way for years and not at the camera in video calls. NVIDIA just fixed it

That is precisely what NVIDIA Maxine solves, an SDK that allows you to correct the position of the eyes thanks to an artificial intelligence algorithm. With this it is achieved that we are always looking our interlocutor in the eye even if we are looking elsewhere. The idea is fantastic although at the moment it is only available for developers.
Just yesterday NVIDIA highlighted several developments in this area at NVIDIA Maxine. One of them was an audio effect that solved the problem of the 'cocktail party' filtering out unwanted background sounds, allowing us to be heard better.
However, one of the options that attracts the most attention is the ability to correct our gaze to simulate that we are always looking at the camera and make "eye contact" with our interlocutor at all times.
In the demonstration by Alex Qi, responsible for this project, you could see how when he looked away, his eyes were always looking at the camera, or so it seemed. The feature is part of the NVIDIA Maxine Augmented Reality SDK, which is available to developers in preview.
What does that mean? Well, at the moment it is not easy for us to enjoy this option, since it is the developers who will be able to access this function in a restricted way – a confidentiality agreement must be signed.

Image | Dylan Ferreira

More information | NVIDIA

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