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Werner Schwarz, here at his farewell as Vice President of the German Farmers' Association in June 2022 at the Farmers' Day in Lübeck. In the new Schleswig-Holstein state government of the CDU and Greens under Daniel Günther, Schwarz is to become the new Minister of Agriculture for the CDU. His predecessor in office, the Greens politician Jan Philipp Albrecht, switched to the position of head of the Heinrich Böll Foundation on June 1, 2022.

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The incumbent state farmer president of Schleswig-Holstein, Werner Schwarz, takes over the ministry of agriculture for the CDU under the new government of Daniel Günther. The CDU decided this at its party conference on June 27th.
At an extraordinary state party conference on June 27, Daniel Günther, current and designated future Prime Minister of Schleswig-Holstein, presented his cabinet for the next five years. There was a surprise in agriculture: the Ministry for Agriculture, Rural Areas, Europe and Consumer Protection is to be headed by the current President of Farmers, Werner Schwarz.
Who is the new Agriculture Minister Werner Schwarz?
62-year-old Werner Schwarz has been President of the Schleswig-Holstein Farmers' Union since 2008. From June 2012 to June 2022, Schwarz was also Vice President of the German Farmers' Association. In recent years, Schwarz has also been a juror in the “Business Idea” category at the CeresAward, the “Farmer of the Year” election.
Which agricultural policy does Werner Schwarz stand for?
As farmer president, Werner Schwarz stood for a constructive exchange between agricultural and environmental associations. He played a key role in the Future Commission on Agriculture, which last year succeeded in working out a consensus on the further development of agricultural policy in Germany between agricultural and nature conservation associations and stakeholders from science and industry.
Why do some see Werner Schwarz's personnel critically?
As the NDR reported, some delegates from the Greens at the state party conference in Neumünster on June 27th criticized the black personality. Because this would represent the interests of farmers, animal and environmental protection could suffer. For its part, the state farmers' association had criticized a few days ago, according to the NDR, that the coalition agreement provided for a separation of the agriculture and environment ministries. There are many points of contact between agriculture and nature conservation here, and deciding on both issues in one house has proven to be a good idea. Tobias Goldschmidt (Greens) is to become Minister of the Environment of Schleswig-Holstein.
What does the coalition agreement in Schleswig-Holstein say about agriculture?
When it comes to agricultural and environmental policy, the draft coalition agreement between the CDU and the Greens largely provides for the work of the previous state government to be continued. New are, among other things, the demands to lower the protection status of the barnacle goose under European law, to develop a new protein strategy and to set up a competence center for climate-efficient agriculture.
Who was Minister of Agriculture of Schleswig-Holstein before Werner Schwarz?
The predecessor of Werner Schwarz, at that time still in the Ministry for Energy Transition, Agriculture, Environment, Nature and Digitization, was the Green politician Jan Philipp Albrecht. On June 1, 2022, he changed to the position of Executive Board member of the Heinrich Böll Foundation. Since then, the office has been temporarily managed by Finance Minister Monika Heinold.

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