What am I allowed to do at a polling station (apart from voting)?

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On this Sunday of the second round of the presidential election, the constitutionalist Jean-Philippe Derosier gives an overview of the rules to be followed in the polling stations.
France is experiencing one of its great rituals this Sunday: the second round of the presidential election. Polling stations are open until 7 p.m., or even 8 p.m. in some municipalities. But what precisely does this electoral ceremony consist of? What am I allowed to do (or not) within the four walls of the polling station? The specialist in constitutional law and professor of public law at the University of Lille Jean-Philippe Derosier details for Libé the rules to follow.
Am I allowed to come with a flocked “Vote Poutou” t-shirt?
No. It is forbidden to wear clothing containing a political or partisan message towards one of the candidates. The headgear or the veil are authorized on the condition of not concealing the face, as in the street. However, nothing prohibits going to vote in jogging or flip-flops, as long as the outfit remains decent. “There is no limit to the freedom of dress of voters, in the usual respect of good morals. The outfit must not, however, hinder the control of the voter's identity, ”specifies the government site. Certain objects are also banned from the polling station, like weapons.

Am I allowed to sign with my four color pen?

Yes of course. It is even advisable to bring your own pen in these times of health crisis. Pencils, markers, markers are however not recommended, but not expressly prohibited. These are common sense rules.
Am I entitled to come with my Vitale card or with a passport instead of my identity card?

Am I allowed to come with my own ballot?

Yes, I can take my own ballot, that is, the one received in the electoral material, also called "profession of faith", sent to all citizens by mail. But the bulletin must obligatorily be regulatory.

Do I have to take all the candidates' ballots?

No. However, I don't have to show who I'm voting for because the vote is always secret, so I have to take at least two different ballots. I must not give any sign of who I intend to vote for. If the members of the polling station are scrupulous, I risk a remark if I take only one ballot. And since I can also come with my own ballots, I can take none from the discharge table. On the other hand, the blue envelope is only available within the polling station.
Am I allowed to fill in my envelope outside the voting booth?
No, I must put my ballot in the envelope when I am in the voting booth. And even if I want to vote blank, so don't put a ballot – or a blank piece of paper – in the envelope, I have to go through the voting booth.
Can I chat about politics with the husband of my cross neighbor in the polling station?
No. “Any discussion or deliberation by voters is prohibited inside the polling stations,” the electoral code states. Within the polling station, everyone must refrain from making political comments.

Am I allowed to come with my dog?

Yes, but in compliance with the common rules and the proper functioning of the polling station. The electoral code does not mention any specific rule for pets, but expressly authorizes guide or assistance dogs to enter the polling station with their master. In addition, children are also allowed, in practice, to enter the polling station with their parents.

Am I allowed to come without my mask?

Yes, of course, unless the rule changes by Sunday. Government spokesman Gabriel Attal said last week that voters positive for Covid-19 could vote, but they are strongly recommended to wear a mask. Neither the vaccination pass nor the health pass are also required.
Can I stay behind my screen and vote on the internet?
No, that is not possible. Internet voting is prohibited for the presidential election. It is only authorized, for French people living outside France, during legislative elections. However, if the voter is absent on polling day, it is possible to give a power of attorney to another voter even if he is not registered in the same municipality – except that the proxy must go to the polling station of the person making the proxy. This must then be approved in a gendarmerie or a police station.

Am I allowed to take a selfie in the voting booth?

A priori, yes, nothing prohibits it, as long as the secrecy of the vote is preserved. It all depends on what you do with the selfie next. It can hardly be disseminated on social networks, because it is forbidden to campaign before the end of the ballot.

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