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As always, Hal Faber's newsreel wants to sharpen the eye for the details: Sunday's newsreel is commentary, outlook and analysis. It is backward and forward at the same time.

What was.

*** For me, the terms enemy and friend are among the most beautiful words of the New German vocabulary of the GDR. On the enemy side you stood at the anti-fascist protective wall, on the friend side you looked at your own country. Anyone who worked in the Main Office for Reconnaissance (HV A) of the MfS did so against the enemy as "peace scouts". That sounds much better and more peaceful than the ugly word about foreign espionage, almost as peaceful as "Federal Intelligence Service", where people like to avoid the ugly word about agent leaders and prefer to speak of operators. Werner Großmann died this week, the last chief operator of the main reconnaissance administration or the head of foreign espionage. This espionage began under the harmless name "Foreign Policy Intelligence Service" (APN) and the even more harmless code name "Institute for Economic Research", a name that the riot influencer Lilith Wittman would have been delighted with. You know, that's the young woman who accidentally unmasked the Federal Telecommunications Service already mentioned.
*** There is a small booklet about the work of the Head Office for Enlightenment called Imperium without riddles in the aftermath of a panel discussion organized by the Wau Holland Foundation, which was reported in the Newsticker. While the Western media and one or the other operator were amazed in 2013, what became known in the course of Edward Snowden's revelations, from 1985 the HV A knew exactly what the US NSA was doing and with different ones friend services ordered. A communications scout from the US Army smuggled documents about the work at the Teufelsberg station out, a "peace scout" of Turkish nationality with the pretty code name Blitz copied the material in West Berlin department stores and handed it over to the agent leader of the HV A. So we're back in the Present, because there are always good opportunities to fall from all clouds. It doesn't always look as charming as it does with Constanze Kurz, who bursts out laughing after former US ambassador John Kornblum claimed there weren't any secrets like they used to be when Wikileaks published the diplomatic cables.
*** No more secrets? What about the New York Times magazine report, then, that the CIA bought Israeli NSO Group software in 2018 to make available to the Republic of Djibouti to spy on opposition figures? What about the FBI, who also spent millions on ISO licenses to read WhatsApp messages, on the advice of Trump supporter Peter Thiel, by the way. All of this was supposed to remain secret, but ended up in the New York Times through previously unknown channels. No secrets? Which "scout of peace" is behind the federally owned IP address that describes the entries of politicians like Robert Habeck in Wikipedia, which belong to the addresses that were published by a riot maker? So things come full circle and we can at least learn that riot comes from the Yiddish krawóle and means rebellion there. After all, it's no secret who still needs a secret service: The European Union wants to expand its two spy services INTCEN and EUMSINT together: If you want to be a global player, you need global toys, says Nacho Sánchez Amor.

What will.

I still have one, but this time it's no joke. In China, the 2022 Winter Olympics will start next Friday. The newspaper for smart people calls them "Corona Games", more knowledgeable people speak of propaganda games and translate this into English as Genocide Games. You can find a few more expressions, because the main guest of honor is Vladimir Putin, who has set up a winter sports center on the border with Ukraine. Sharp biathlon is practiced there. Maybe there are still one or the other who believe that sport has nothing to do with politics. Anyone who has nothing to do with winter sports and prefers soccer will have heard Gianni Infantino's suggestion that the soccer world championships should be held every two years because that would deter the refugees. "We need to find ways to give hope to Africans so that they don't come across the Mediterranean maybe to find a better life but are more likely to find death at sea. We need to find opportunity and dignity." Human dignity is kickable. There it goes, the enlightenment.

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