WhatsApp Web: how to chat with your contacts without appearing 'online'?

There is no doubt that WhatsApp Web makes it possible for hundreds of millions of users of the most used messaging application in the world to communicate with their contacts through a computer, which makes many activities easier and, of course, , fast. However, most are unaware that there is a trick that allows us to chat from the PC without appearing 'online'. How does it work? Here we explain it to you.
Although WhatsApp Web is extremely useful while working or studying, some users have the problem of not wanting to appear 'online' on the platform during the time they have an open session.
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This is the trick called 'incognito mode' or 'ninja mode', which allows you to chat with your contacts without appearing 'online'. It is through a Google Chrome extension that is completely safe and easy to use. Here we explain how it works:
Open the Google Chrome browser from your computer and enter the Chrome Web Store from this link. In the search box on the top left, type 'WAIncognito'. Press the 'Add to Chrome' button and then 'Add extension'. Once installed on your computer, click on the extension icon located in the upper right. WhatsApp Web will automatically open and the 'online' status will have disappeared. In this simple way you will go to 'incognito mode' ' of WhatsApp Web. If you ever want to disable or remove the WAIncognito tool, just click on the extension icon (hat and glasses icon) and click 'Remove from Chrome'.
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Write it down. If WhatsApp is known for something other than being used by millions of people around the world, it is definitely for bringing more than one 'secret trick'. Now you can stay connected in the app without showing yourself 'online' and read messages without leaving the blue check mark without touching your Android or iPhone, all thanks to a method only possible with WhatsApp Web. Are you interested? We reveal it to you here.
This 'secret trick' is very useful, as it allows you to remain 'invisible' within WhatsApp without having to deactivate the option to show status, which would force you not to be able to see if others are also connected.
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However, these improvements have also been exploited by criminals, who have innovated their ways of accessing personal account data in Internet applications. With more than 2 million users, the instant messaging application has certain security measures to prevent cyberattacks from accessing people's private data. Here more details.
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Believe it or not, there is a secret WhatsApp trick, that few users know, that allows you to hide the 'online' and 'writing' from your friends who have you as a contact in the instant messaging application.

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