Windows 11: know 11 secret functions that the Microsoft operating system brings

Microsoft has made its users very satisfied with the launch of the latest version of its official Windows 11 operating system. In this new installment, a variety of improvements have been introduced that make performance much more efficient, stable, and secure. Said Microsoft disclosure has already been on the market for six months, so many users have become familiar with how it works; however, in this note we will tell you 11 hidden functions that many netizens are still unaware of.
With this guide, based on data presented on the Muy Computer digital portal, netizens will be able to learn about functions that will make everyday life easier with Windows 11. Here is the list:
Windows Key + Alt + Up Arrow – Moves the active window to the top half of the screen. Windows Key + Alt + Down Arrow – Moves the active window to the bottom half of the screen. Windows + A: it takes us directly to the quick system settings. Windows key + W: with this shortcut we open the widget menu. Windows key + N: it is a shortcut to see the notification history. Windows key + C : allows us to open the Microsoft Teams chat application.2.-Recover the full right click of the mouse
Left-click on the icon or folder you want to select. Now, instead of right-clicking, press “Left Arrow + F10” on your keyboard. The classic context menu that you would get when you right-click in Windows 10 will open directly. It is also possible to bring back the traditional right click by messing with the registry, but considering what this implies, and how easy it is to access it with that shortcut, this solution is recommended, as it is more suitable for all user profiles YOU CAN SEE: ThinkPad X13s: Lenovo launches its new laptop with Snapdragon3 processor.-Access the "secret" start menu of Windows 11
Press the Windows key and the X key simultaneously. Right-click on the start menu icon. 4.-Minimize all windows at once, except the one you are using
To use this function you just have to use the shortcut “Windows key + Start (Home key)”.

5.-You can return the start menu, and the taskbar, to the left

Press Windows key + I to open the settings menu. Go to “Personalization > Taskbar Behavior”. Click on the “left” option to determine the alignment of it. Done, the taskbar and the start menu will return to the same position that both had in Windows 10.YOU CAN SEE: The annoying watermark that would appear in Windows 11 for an unusual reason6.-Disable widgets and chat in Windows 11
Press Windows key + I to open the settings menu. Go to “Personalization > Taskbar”. Look for the option to activate and deactivate widgets and chat. You will only have to deactivate both.7.-Windows 11 can use your voice to write
To access it, we just have to press the Windows + H keys within a word processing application (Word, for example).

8.-Automatically reduce background apps to save battery

We go into “Settings > System > Power and Battery”. We go to “Battery Saver”. Now we only have to choose when we want the battery saver to be activated so that applications in the background and also notifications are limited. YOU CAN SEE: Microsoft plans to show warnings on computers not compatible with Windows 119.-Improved and personalized multitasking
We can activate it directly with the shortcut “Windows key + Z”. If this feature doesn't work for you, you may not have it activated. You just have to go into “Settings > System > Multitasking” to activate it.

10.-Customize the volume of each application

Press the Windows key and type “Sound Settings”. Enter the first result and click on “Volume Mixer”. Once there, in the applications section, you will find the volume bar that will allow you to customize different applications. 11.-Minimize distractions and focus on what is important
Settings> System> Concentration Assistant. Once there, we can choose between deactivating all notifications, leaving only some active and hiding all notifications, but leaving the alarms active.

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