Young Souls: a release date on PC and consoles close for the French game between RPG and beat'em up

The game released as a temporary exclusive on Stadia will soon arrive on more traditional platforms. A good opportunity for the French role-playing game to gain new notoriety.
Total exclusives on Stadia no longer exist, but Google compensates with First on Stadia experiences available in preview for a few months. Among them, the appreciated but necessarily still unknown Young Souls, released last August. Developed by the Tourquennois of 1P2P and published by The Arcade Crew and DotEmu, the title mixes beat'em up and role-playing in a fantastic world with an attractive artistic direction, playable alone or in cooperation.
Hello everyone, I'm Jérôme from 1P2P Studio, who developed the RPG fighting game Young Souls. We published an overview of the game's bosses a few months ago, and we're back today to announce the game's release date! Get ready to slay goblins: Young Souls will be released on March 10. So to celebrate, let me tell you what makes this game so special.

A 2D fighting game, yes, but not only…

With Young Souls, our basic goal was to create the perfect fighting game. Baptiste (with whom I co-founded 1P2P) and I really like classic 2D fighting games, and we wanted to mix the concepts and influences that marked us to create the gameplay of Young Souls.

Two worlds colliding

The universe of Young Souls is divided into two very distinct worlds: that of humans, and that of goblins. Our heroes hail from the human world, and you'll begin your adventure with Jenn and Tristan in their everyday lives before an unfortunate event opens a portal to the goblin world. This mysterious portal is in the cellar of their house and is one of the key locations in the game. Maintaining the duality between the two worlds was essential for us, and you will be able to travel from one to the other throughout the game.
In the human world, you will be able to move freely from the twins' mansion to the town of Portsborough, where you will find plenty of shops and locals to talk to. In the city's undergrounds is a path to the goblin market, where friendly hidden goblins will offer you equipment to overcome the obstacles you will encounter in the many dungeons of the goblin world.
Indeed, it is in the world of goblins that the action of the game takes place. You will have to explore it and reveal its dangers as well as its many secrets. As you can imagine, the further you progress through the goblin world, the tougher your enemies will be. In order to be able to face the hordes of rampaging enemies of the game, we have built a progression and leveling system close to what an RPG offers.

The influence of RPGs

In Young Souls, your heroes are constantly evolving. Each time you level up, your stats will increase, provided you sleep first.
Equipment also improves your stats. From dungeon to dungeon, you will find new weapons and combat equipment. Each piece of equipment is unique and offers exclusive features that will allow you to customize your experience and progress your character as you wish. Additionally, most gear can be upgraded by the many merchants in the Goblin Market, allowing you to increase their stats and unlock new abilities.
Twins' abilities are entirely derived from their gear, and we've created a system that doesn't limit you to just one way to level up. You can change the constitution of a character at any time, going for example from an agile magician who attacks at a distance to a heavy soldier with a hammer who favors close combat. It will be quite easy to adapt depending on the enemies you will face.
In single player mode, you will be able to equip both characters individually and switch between them at any time. This will give you access to a devastating combo system through the use of complementary weapons and spells.

Slay goblins in style

In Young Souls, another important feature for us was to make gear as distinct and visible as possible. Visual customization was therefore an important part of the development process. We wanted our heroes to look like teenagers even when wearing their battle gear. Following this idea, we created two co-existing customization systems: one that allows you to customize the heroes' clothes purely cosmetically to give them the style you want; and another that lets you wear combat gear over your character's clothing during battles. Both of these systems can give your characters a unique look, for example combining medieval armor with a denim jacket and stylish sneakers! We're pretty proud of how this system works and hope you enjoy customizing your character's appearance as much as we did when we developed this feature.
Something to thrill the hearts of fans of indie games?

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