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Top 10 tools to sign documents online without having to print them (Updated 2022)

10 tools to sign documents online
With these different tools (and apps) it is now possible to send documents for signature online without the need for the person receiving the document to print it, sign it and rescan it to send it signed again. This entire process can be greatly simplified with a series of tools for Desktop and mobile applications (for iOS and Android) designed to make our day-to-day work easier.
10 tools to sign documents online
1.- Adobe Acrobat
Adobe’s flagship product that we have all used to create (and edit) PDF documents, which in its paid version also includes the function of adding a signature to the PDF.
iOS version
Android version
2.- HelloSign
Created in San Francisco (USA), HelloSign is used to add your signature to any document you have in Google Drive or request the signature of a third party. Simply upload the document you want recipients to sign, assign the signature field, and submit your request. When that third party embeds HelloSign in their drive, you receive a folder in your Google Drive, where the signed documents and signature requests will be stored.
hello sign
This tool has a free version that only allows you to send 3 documents per month for signature. From there, it is paid. It integrates with Gmail and Google Docs but also with other programs like Salesforce, Dropbox and Oracle, etc. Being integrated with these management software, it does not have a mobile app.
3.- DocuSign
Docusign is primarily intended for filling out forms and collecting signatures from others. In just a few steps you can sign or send any document to be signed from Google Drive or Gmail. Although it is also developed for mobile devices. One of the most interesting features of DocuSign is that it allows a person to sign the document on the spot with their own finger on the smartphone or tablet, or it can be emailed to them to sign remotely.
iOS version
Android version
4.- Signature
Signaturit – Electronic signature and trust services in the EU
A tool of Spanish origin is a web application (it does not have a mobile app) that allows you to sign contracts and documents online in a secure way. It has a free plan of up to 5 documents per month and monthly subscriptions for companies that need to sign a large volume of documents, which speeds up their processes. It has a very intuitive interface and the signature has full legal validity.
5.- Via Signature
It is one of the most complete and oldest tools for electronic signatures of Spanish origin on the market. It has various solutions such as the biometric signature (handwritten signature captured through tablets or signature pad); Electronic Signature with certificates (Signature with an electronic certificate issued by an organization through which the signature itself and the identity of the signatory are validated); Unattended Electronic Signature (Signature with an electronic certificate that does not require user intervention), OTP SMS (Signature associated with sending an OTP code (one-time-password) via SMS to the signatory’s mobile phone number); and OTP EMAIL (Signature associated with sending an OTP code (one-time-password) by EMAIL, to the signatory’s email).
iOS version
Android version
6-. Xolido Sign Desktop
Xolido®Sign Desktop program to sign, verify and seal
Xolido Sign Desktop is defined as a free program to sign, verify and seal documents electronically from your computer. It uses electronic certificates to sign securely, it can authenticate signed documents, and it works with all types of documents with no size limit. This application is installed on your PC and is very useful for a multitude of applications and telematic procedures that require PDF documents signed electronically and with a time stamp. It does not have a mobile app.
7.- Sign Now
Sign Now
It could be said that SignNow (previously called CuidaSign) is a leader in this market, because of the service it offers that is free for personal use and with no limits on the number of documents to sign. Hence, it is the most widespread to date. With it you can create templates of your documents to use them in future occasions, export them to use them in other applications and easily collect the signature of several people, sending the document by email to the group after everyone has signed.
It does not have the development of mobile apps.
8. Get Sign Easy
Sign Easy
SignEasy, brings together the features of other tools mentioned above, standing out from the rest for its design: a nice and easy-to-use interface. It is compatible with a large number of documents, such as Word, PDF, Excel, TXT, HTML or even JPG images. You can save frequently used documents as templates to use at any time, and also add handwritten text or notes to open documents.
It does have mobile apps:
iOS version
Android version
9. Significant
Significant mobile app
SIGNificant is developed directly for mobile that allows you to complete and sign PDF documents with the possibility of adding attachments (such as passport or driving license photo) without difficulty. It also supports sending documents via email and cloud storage. You will be able to fill in all the fields of fillable PDF documents, sign them and write notes with keyboard, finger or stylus writing.
Its developers claim that this app is capable of registering a person’s signature using all available parameters (such as acceleration, speed and rhythm) to analyze their biometric characteristics in the event of a legal dispute.
There is a free version of the application that allows you to enjoy the basic functions, but to take advantage of all its possibilities, a monthly subscription is required.
Android version
iOS version
10. Sign Documents
Sign documents
Signature Documents is a mobile app created in Spain for SMEs and large companies looking for a quick and hassle-free electronic document signature service. Before signing electronically, the recipient of your email can view the document, attach information that has been required, sign the document and even reject it indicating the reason. All these documents will be filed within the app so that you have all your contracts organized.
Android version
iOS version
Finally add that another Spanish startup based in Paterna (Valencia) has recently presented a new tool for electronic signature. It’s called IVNOSYS and we’re sure we’ll hear a lot more about it from now on.

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