3 Easy To Use API Ios Handwriting Recognition

You will be able to integrate its service into your app and start using it in three easy steps. 
Now, let’s see which are the three APIs that we think are the most intuitive and effective to use.

Optical Character Recognition API< 

This API is the answer to your needs if you are looking for an OCR API that is uncomplicated, trustworthy, reliable and easy-to-use. In order to maximize the efficiency of your work processes and your work areas, this API was especially developed. Your images will be immediately converted into text thanks to its unique design. You may examine, filter, and categorize your documents thanks to the text processing solutions provided by this tool. The document can be analyzed with a machine learning model that is constantly being improved. As a result, it will detect patterns and outliers in your documents, which will help you identify errors. It can quickly process a wide range of file types, such as JPG, PNG, and other image types. This API also has a self-learning function that enables it to continuously improve its detection accuracy so that you may use it whenever you require it. It is also very secure and confidential since all the information you provide is kept private. It supports JSON format so that you may integrate it into any platform or application you need it for. You only have to choose a subscription plan and get going!The Handwrite Recognition API< If you are looking for a quick way to convert hand written notes or scanned documents into text – this Handwrite Recognition API will do just that!The Handwrite Recognition API employs cutting-edge handwriting recognition techniques and machine learning algorithms to translate handwritten notes into text. As a result, you will be able to easily integrate the service into your application or website.Furthermore, this handwriting recognition tool supports JSON format output as well as PDF documents.To sum up, this Handwrite Recognition API is simple to use and integrates seamlessly into your applications or websites!Docsumo< 
This OCR data extraction technology enables companies to automate manual processes such as data extraction from receipts and invoices. This technology can process hundreds of thousands of documents per second with extremely high accuracy rates, thereby reducing human error and improving workplace productivity and employee satisfaction!It has a very user-friendly user interface and loads images quickly with little storage space required. Data extraction from invoices is conducted in seconds by simply uploading the file URL or
This API uses OCR to detect any handwritten words in a picture and it will provide the text in JSON format.

You can check Handwriting to Text API for free here.

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