Best API Online For Vehicle Data In 2022

If you run a company that sells auto parts, or you are the owner of a car dealership; this API will help you to categorize your images by content.
As you may know, there are many types of vehicles. Some are common and other are not. For example, trucks or motorcycles. You can have different types of engines: gasoline or diesel. You can have regular cars or SUVs.
For all these reasons, it is important to identify the correct kind of vehicle for your business, so that you can find the proper information and sell it to players from all around the world.

How does this work?

The types of cars will be provided as a list of vehicle types sorted by similarity to the detected vehicle. The list is a combination of model types and subtypes. The top three most similar models will be included in the list. 
Finally, the function will return a list of components that include an array of component names, as well as their respective prices in USD (if available). 
Be able to recognize the vehicle that is inside of a given picture. This API will help you to categorize your images by content.

You can check Vehicle Classification API for free here.

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