Best Aws Image Moderation API In JSON

Being able to get a vision of the media and be informed on what happens in the world is really important. Seeing how it is the wrong usage of violence in films, tv shows and games is crucial.
There are several violent scenes and any person, young or old should avoid getting in touch with that.
A good moderation service would keep your content safe for any kind of user. So, if you are a content provider for an app, games or media website, you need to make sure any image you provide does not include any type of graphic or violent situation.
There are millions of similar apps that can help you do that, but the one we will talk about here is the Image Modesty API. It will provide you with an easy way to moderate any image with just one click.

What is it?

Image Moderation API is a great development that helps you to filter out any type of unsuitable content from your images. It can be used by developers who want to protect their users from seeing offensive or violent images, but it can also be used by sites and apps to ensure their users only see appropriate content.
This practical software was created for developers who need a simple and effective way to moderate images. Although you may find other products on the market, this one offers a simple and intuitive JSON interface that allows you to retrieve information about any image, as well as filter out potential offensive content simply by tagging it.
Moderation may be done on the basis of content type; adult, violent or offensive. And also by adding tags like blood, weapons or gore. All that would take you time and money if not for this tool! 

How does it work?

All you have to do is sign up and get an access code to your private endpoint. You have the option of passing an image URL or file and receive a filtered image in the same format as the original one! You can also use different types of filters: Psd rage, weapons, gore or nudity just to mention some! You will receive an easy to understand answer with a percentage from 0 to 100! And that’s it!

Is there any charge?

Yes and no. It depends on your subscription type. There are three different plans for you to choose from; Basic, Pro and ProPlus. The first grants a 500 request monthly cap on the Basic plan -that is the most convenient option -and 1,000 request on Pro’s
Be able to recognize any violent situations present in an image you pass to this API.

You can check Violence Detection – Image Moderation API for free here.

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