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We’ll walk you through the process of locating, evaluating, and creating backlinks to your website, as well as the potential risks and benefits of employing them.This will be helpful for SEO or link building process. These are the terms that describe the methods used to improve the visibility of a website in search engine results pages (SERPs). I’ll cover that in more detail later on. Link Connector API is one of the best tools for building links.
According to SEO experts, search engines like Google use two factors to determine a website’s ranking: how much traffic it receives from other websites (aka backlinks) and how well it is optimized for particular keywords. In order to attract visitors and obtain higher rankings, it is necessary to obtain more inbound backlinks to your website. 
The more high-quality and relevant your backlinks, the better your chances of improving your rank on Google. 
There are many link-building strategies, such as purchasing link building services, writing articles with targeted keywords, submitting your website to directories, emailing potential partners asking them to link to you, etc. That’s why there are many tools available on the web, but we recommend you this one: 
 The simplest method to obtain backlinks is by using a backlinks API. A backlinks API allows developers to quickly retrieve all of the links pointed at any domain. This can be used to assess your own backlinks or those of your competition. You can use this data to improve your outreach efforts or to create a strategic plan for link development. A backlink checker or an authority checker can find a domain’s backlinks easily. 
You can use these sophisticated tools to evaluate your website’s backlink profile and make strategic decisions that will help increase your organic search traffic and conversions. They combine several different types of APIs into one dashboard so you can quickly retrieve all of the necessary data using just one request. They are pretty useful if you want to do SEO audits or need some data about link popularity for any other purposes. Here you will find our recommendation: 
Link Extractor API Link Extractor is an easy-toelocate tool that provides a wealth of information about a target domain, including its name, domain rating (similar to Google PageRank), and a list of the external links that point at the domain (subdirectory/directory links do not count). Link Extractor is
Use Backlink Extractor API to retrieve backlinks for a specific domain. Backlink data can be used for SEO, sales, and other purposes.

You can check BackLinks Extractor API for free here.

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