Best Contextual Web Search API In Goland

What Does The Web Search API Do?

Let’s say you have a school website. You may use the Web Search API to add search functionality to your website and provide your students with relevant information. You may create advanced queries and use the pagination feature to organize and display results. You may also modify the appearance and feel of the search tool to fit your brand and add custom noindex tags and metas to prevent search results from being indexed by search engines.

You can also make use of specific knowledge units (SKUs) in order to fine-tune your product catalog searches, filter out nonsponsored advertisements from search results, and track user behaviors and analytics data in Search Console. Utilize the API for fast, efficient data transfer.

The Web Search API is a JSON-based REST API that enables you to conduct web searches across several search engines. The following features are available with this API:

How To Use It?

1- Go to the Zyla Labs Hub first.

2- You can find the Web Search API there.

3- You must sign up before you can use it.

I’ll describe how to locate relevant and related images on a given topic using just one search:

Make searchs on the Web with this API. You can retrieve search results, images and more!

You can check Web Searching API for free here.

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